Are you a fellow Traveller or a Tourist…not sure? Do you go on package tours to easy to get to destinations while sight-seeing via tourist buses? Do you try to avoid the locals, their culture and food while seeking out soda and burgers wherever you go? Is Adventure something to watch on TV for you? Do you even bother attempting to learn key words and phrases of the local language when you can just “speak very loud and very slow? Do you scour Souvenir shops so you have something to remember your trip by? Then you my friend are a Tourist and web-sites and books by Fro and Fo may be more your style.

On the other hand do you like a little adventure and enjoy immersing yourself in the culture, go where the locals go, eat and drink? Is your idea of a great vacation one where you need a vacation after your vacation? Have you almost managed to get yourself killed doing something or going somewhere that could be dangerous (not talking trekking thru one of the “Stans…more like whitewater rafting, camping safari’s etc) While you enjoy going to hot spots do you also eat/drink/stay in local spots vs just tourist traps and name brand hotels? Are your best “souvenirs your stories followed by your pics? If so, you my friend are a fellow Traveller and I will cover places both near and far. For it’s not just the destination…but the journey that truly defines us…


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