It’s officially Summer in a good part of the world and here are my essentials for the beach, although if you either don’t have regular access or simply prefer the pool I have you covered here as well. Of note, I have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned. They are simply brands(of course if any of you are interested in me as a “Brand Ambassador”:) I wear, use and like

Beach-Chair – Quite simply it’s not only more comfortable, but better for reading, writing, if need be working or simply enjoying the views. I like Rio Brands, they make big and sturdy chairs that are comfy at the same time. 

Beach Towel – When I bring a chair I use a smaller lighter one, if it’s for a pool lounger or without a beach chair I’ll go plush. 

Suntan Lotion – Not oil, lotion, don’t leave home without it. I generally use Kiehl’s since it’s water-resistant. WaveHunter is pretty good too.

Aloe Vera – after the beach this is huge…Panama Jacks Green Aloe is very good and Kiehl’s Aloe Vera with Oatmeal is as good or better.

Chapstick– I carry one just in case my lips get beat up…. Kiehl’s makes good ones and I found a brand that makes liquor flavored ones like Negroni.

Bonus Recipe – Lemon Negroni – 2 parts Gin, 2 parts Cocchi Americano, 2 parts Lemoncello. Bitters. Shaken or stirred. Drink. Make another:) 

Ear-plugs/Headphones – Ever sit near some imbecile blasting music on the beach? They should be given a ticket for noise pollution. Don’t be one of them, rock your Beats or in my case earplugs I like RHA’s.

Re-Charger– I got this for travel, but if I’m going to do some work at the beach I bring one just in case. I like the Fluxmob Bolt. Don’t forget your charger cord. 

Waterproof Camera– Whether you’re going snorkeling off the beach, taking pics in the ocean of surfers and rocks or just taking action packed pics in the pool…you need a good Water-Proof point n shoot. My fave is still the Olympus Tough.  

Books/Magazines – For coming, going and chilling out a good beach read is epic. I read a mix of Thrillers and books on the Sea at the beach. For Mags usually something Travel or fitness related. 

Sketch Pad and Pencils – Do something creative. I like to draw so I bring my Weapons of Mass Creation:) 

Sunglasses– the song is great, but cheap sunglasses for your eyes are no good for them. Get a decent pair with UV protection. I like Persol, Oliver People’s, Ray Ban and I’m still rocking my Warby Parkers 

T-Shirt– I prefer some room in my tees for the beach. I have some great ones from Tommy Bahama(see tee on beachchair) in awesome greens and blues. I have a number of Surf tees from all over. I’m also rocking my own Hunters hand painted Tee’s this Summer…shameless plug:) 

Swimsuit – Needs to be quick drying and have a rear pocket(both for a wallet out of water and stash your sunglasses when in it). I like Orlebar Brown, Faherty Brand, Saturday’s, Onia, and Sundek. 

Cargo-Shorts – Drives me crazy these go in and out of season…they are not a fashion item but an essential. I like Polo, Quicksilver and Tommy Bahama’s.

For your Feet- I like either a pair of slip on sneakers like the new limited edition Pilgram Surf + Vans collaboration I’m rocking, Rivera Espadrilles are great for going from the beach to the bar and of course Haviana Flip Flops. 

That pretty much covers the essentials and it all fits in your daypack/beach bag (except the chair:). Additional gear you may find essential includes something to throw, i.e. Frisbee, Football, etc. , I have always have googles for swimming laps when I’m at the the pool(also help in taking underwater pics), Surfboard, skimboard, boogie board, fins etc. A bottle opener and corkscrew don’t hurt either. Enjoy the Summer…


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