While I’m not big on taking tours sometimes they are a great way to see a lot if your time is limited. After spending a week walking around with paper maps trying to get around Japan it was high time for a guided tour. My hotel’s concierge recommended Grey Line who does a great full day tour that included…

Tokyo Tower– panoramic views from the bigger better Japanese version of a certain Parisian attraction…

Menji Shrine -Classic Shinto Shrine located in a huge beautiful man made forest. Frequently used for Wedding ceremonies.

Imperial Palace  Plaza, Bridge and Imperial Moat. Took pictures of the cute Mexican girl I flirted with from Mexico City…and her Mom…so they could post pics of their Asian adventure on Instagram.



A traditional Japanese Lunch at a spot that didn’t have it’s name in English(not exactly uncommon). I found it odd that the very well traveled couple from Oz  I shared a table with were so unfamiliar with Japanese food. In NYC I eat this stuff and more weekly. The Tour Guide noted we were missing two as we gathered to leave. l remembered the  Italian couple followed me into the Coffee Bar…ran in to get them and of course there they were drinking their Espresso’s at the counter.


Hama-Rikyu Park – a classic Daimyo (Japanese Feudal Lord) garden with a Tidal pool and Tea House.




The trip finished with cruise up the Sumida River from the Port of Tokyo to the Asakusa Kannon Temple. We were greeted by Ninja that put on a cool little show. Walked to the Temple, took pics and then decided to eat some Tako Yaki(Octopus Balls). As in chopped up Octo deep fried which is the equivalent to Tacos or Pizza for the Japanese as a snack. Though I like Octopus, these didn’t do it for me. The Chocolate covered bananas on the other hand…yummy.


After a long day it was great that the tour bus dropped us all off at our respective hotels(not all do this).Fairly beat I decided to have dinner at the Hotel Cafe where I enjoyed a Pizza with Parma ham to start and Waygu beef meat sauce with fettuccine for my entree. To drink, what else…a 12yr Harusku Whiskey High Ball.

If you enjoyed this and the previous posts, stay tuned, eventually I will get to my last pieces on Roppongi, riding around the Yamato Line and the world famous Tsukiji fish market


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