It was time for a long weekend and long overdue to catch up with some buds I used to work with. We started out BBQing and throwing down beers reminiscing over good times and sharing some new stories. In between firing up the BBQ and replenishing the beers we hit the following spots for food, drink and entertainment. 

For breakfast before the beach we hit Manhattan Bagel in Brick. Huge spot with a great selection of bagels, spreads and sandwiches. The Asiago bagel with tomatoes and cream cheese was great and word has it the Everything bagel and Lox with da works is pretty good as well.

702 NJ 70 Brick NJ 

For some sun, sand and surf Point Pleasant beach is a very nice sandy beach with cleaner than you would expect water. After a few hours it was time to hit Boardwalk and we grabbed some Beers at Jenkins right on the boardwalk with great views of the ocean while a pretty good live band played. 

300 Ocean Ave Point Pleasant NJ 

Afterwards we hit town for more beers at Amendment  21 a great spot with a very well curated selection of Craft beers in a very cool dark wood setting. Threw down New Belgium Ranger IPA’s and Boulevard Tripocals. The bartender really knew her stuff plus loved her Dali melting clock tattoo. Of note the food menu and cocktail menus looked great. 

521 Arnold Ave Point Pleasant NJ 

Craving coffee we popped into Green Planet Coffee. My bud went iced coffee, as was I until I asked what a Dreamcatcher was “Chai Tea with Peppermint…maybe the best non coffee drink I’ve ever had in a Coffee bar. Their pecan muffins and chocolate peanut butter cookies are pretty yummy as well. 

700 Arnold Ave Point Pleasant NJ  

Grilling of steaks and craft beers 

The next morning Elisa’s Bakery for breakfast. I had a chocolate shell canolli with a side order of rainbow cookie and a coffee for breakfast then on to 

1900 NJ-70 Lakewood NJ

Hit the AMC theaters in Brick for Star Trek Beyond in 3D(awesome flick). I mention this theater because they have the new huge red comfy reclining seats.

3 Brick Plaza, Brick NJ 

Asbury Park Fettehall and Bieegarten great huge spot with an awesome selection of craft and imported beers on draft and in bottles. Threw down Leipziger Gose and Kane Summer brews. Food is awesome, I had the Boar Jalapeno Wurst platter and my bud the house Halle’s Burger. I will be back…

527 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park NJ

Using NJ transit from NY Penn via 1970’s era trains takes 2hrs +, express trains under 2 hours. 


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