Do you want soft, supple skin that she/he/they will want to touch or are you going for the leather lizard look? You need to take care of your skin, not abuse it(any more then you are). Here are my basics, nothing fancy, just high quality products to protect while in the Sun, Salt Water, etc and to renourish afterwards. 

Suntan lotion – Put away the damn oil and coat your bod with lotion to protect and nourish it. My fave Kiehl’s. Do it Brazilian style, apply while standing

Oatmeal Aloe Lotion – this is huge, after the beach, pool, etc apply after showering to nourish your skin. This too by Kiehl’s

Zinka – for the nose, mine goes Rudolph so I go blue or green 

Drink lots of water, especially Coconut water to hydrate. Then drink some more

Cherry Juice- Cherries are a Super Food and great for a lot of things that include your skin. Also a great natural inflammatory after hitting the waves or sand hard. 

Lip Balm – luckily I don’t suffer from chapped lips…but it happens at times to the worst of us…be prepared. I just found one that is Negroni flavored:) by Stewart and Clair

Soap – You need the stuff that nourishes the skin not dries it out. In gel I like Molten Browns Templtree,  for hard soaps I like Soap Chere’s Seaweed and Lush’s Sea Vegetable 

Shampoo – Along with skin, most of us have hair on our heads. I like all natural ones that you can use daily and that have some form of Mint in them for that morning Pop! Lush Rehab and Aesop Classic my current faves. 

Scrub – Yup tough guy, sometimes you need to scrub your face, bod or better yet hers. Lush’s Ocean Salt is my fave.  

Sunglasses not cheap ones, real ones with protective lens. Function before form first. Protect your eyes, though make sure you take them off for a time as well…unless you’re going for the Raccoon look. Still rocking my Warby Parker’s

TSA approved Zip Bag. If you travel you need one. Get one with travel sized 3oz tubes to pour your liquid lotions in. 

Find these products by playing Pokemon Go! Or better, yet just via Google for nearest locations to you:) 


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