Cape Point

While I expected the beaches to be my favorite part of my Cape Town adventure it was actually the tour to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point that blew me away. These are places that you point to on a map and people are like WOW! The scenery was incredible, as long as you love Boulder strewn beaches and mountains with their own personalities. This part of the world is raw and elemental, what the world was like before the Industrial revolution ruined it(yes I sense the irony as I post this with digital pics off a blog).

From my Hotel the Hyde in Sea Point we headed to our first stop, Hout Bay Harbour for coffee (snorkeling with Seals is an option here) and photos, then jumped on the Chapman Peak Drive, one of the worlds most scenic roads. Chappie’s is literally cut into the mountain. We stopped at the very cool Scarborough Sculpture Garden and then did a drive by of some Ostrich.

Our first major stop was the Cape of Good Hope, one of the southern most points of Africa. It’s rocky, raw and in my eyes spectacular. Our next stop the Cape Point Lighthouse had my favorite views. You can walk to it or take the Dutchman Funicular(an uphill trolley). Of note, I didn’t go up to the Lighthouse, instead I headed left where I got my favorite pics if the trip (see above)…which of note you cannot see from the lighthouse.

On our way to Simon’s Town for lunch a troop of Baboons ran into the road halting traffic but creating a pretty good photo-op. In Simon’s Town we went to the Harbourview for fresh and tasty seafood and local beers. After, I grabbed a couple of scoops of ice cream at PJ’s. Then it was onto the Penguin Colony at Boulder Beach which was awesome, but I was bummed that you can’t get on the beach to go swimming with them.
Last but far from least the world famous

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which were absolutely amazing. What was more amazing is that during the summer it’s just lush and green with few flowers. I can’t even imagine what it must look like when it’s in bloom. This is an absolute must see and do trip while in South Africa. I booked it with African Eagle Day Tours via my hotel The Hyde.



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  1. This looks really cool! I’ve never really had any interest in going to Africa until now. Just another place to add to the bucket list!

  2. I haven’t been to Cape Town yet, but am dying to go! These photos are awesome.

  3. KC says:

    So amazing that you got to see baboons AND penguins on the same day, out in the wild! You’d think they would live in much different climates?!

  4. Elise Darma says:

    Wow you captured some amazing scenic shots there!

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