Being that I was born in Brooklyn New York I just had to hit Cape Town’s Brooklyn, Woodstock. I started my adventure at the Exchange on Albert Street. After bouncing around some of the stores and picking up some Chocolate bars at Honest Chocolate I hit Superette a cool spot for breakfast, lunch and coffee filled with Hipsters that made me feel like was in Williamsburg (Brooklyn NY)for a late breakfast.

Having fueling myself up I started walking along Albert Street to check out the Street Art Woodstock is known for(check out pics). I eventually came upon Tribe Coffee that not only had great Coffee, a cool space and some very good looking women for their clientele, but an awesome alleyway full of very cool Street Art. Inquiring as to what else to see on my way to the Biscuit Mill I was told about the new Woodstock Tap and Grill where I decided to start a mini Craft Beer crawl. The first floor is a full on Brewery, upstairs a huge Steak House and bar. I tasted their Rhythm Stick, Californicator, Hazy Days, and the Afternoon Delight that I ordered up.

I went across the street to the Co-Op a space that had Clothing (old and new)kiosks, Art, Furniture and  the Three Feathers Diner…the Ultimate Man Cave where a I enjoyed another local Craft Brew, Drifter Coconut. After looking around some more of the stores I headed over to the Old Biscuit Mill, bounced around, broke down and purchased more chocolate bars at CocoAfair (Milk Chocolate with Licorice and a Dark with Coriander and Citrus which they were out of but they went back to the kitchen and got one that just came out of the oven for me:)

Now it was on to Devils Peak Brewery, a beautiful space and much bigger than I expected. Here I enjoyed the Devils Peak Tasting of five of their beers 5 that included the Lager, First Light,Pale Ale, Woodhead and the Blockhouse. 

Well sated after a fun day chatting it up with a mix of locals, transplants, staff and fellow Traveller’s I headed back to my hotel. I really liked this neighborhood and would have liked to have spent more time and a night out. While it was fine by day solo…it is still edgy and one needs to be careful and aware by night, likely best with a group. 



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