When in Cape Town if one partakes of the grape, then one must do a tour of the vineyards which are just an hour away. I joined a group tour via African Eagle Day Tours booked by Melinde the concierge at my hotel The Hyde Hotel(shameless, yet well deserved plugs:)

Our first stop was at Zevenwacht Wines where we were served a selection of their vino

Sauvignon blanc 2015

Chenin blanc 2014

7even Pinotage 2014

Syrah 2012

perfectly paired with fine cheeses. We were then given a tour of their facilities and some great insights into the process of going from grape to bottle.


We then drove into the town of Stellenbosch a slice of Europe full of Art Galleries, Chocolate shops, and Restaurants. Craving Coffee a few of us popped into the Schoon DeCompanje Coffee shop that had very good Coffee and tasty baked goods like my breakfast that morning, a delish Almond Croissant.

 Next up was the Marianne Wine Estate where we started with a 2014 Rose and then were served amazing Biltong(like Beef Jerky but far superior…more like a cured dried beef bacon) pairing…

Springbok- Pinotage 2008

Kudu- Desirade merlot /cab

Beef- merlot/cab/Shiraz 2007

The Kudu was my favorite Biltong and I picked up some more later in the trip. Of note, the tasting rooms here both indoors and out are beautiful.

 After two Vineyards it was time for some lunch and we headed over to the town of Franschhoek, yet another slice of Europe. There were a number of restaurants along the Main Street, not sure where to go I walked up to two cute blondes who looked like locals (one turned out to be from Cape Town while the other a Zimbaean) who recommended Dutch East to us. The Menu looked good so a couple of Swiss Traveller’s on my tour and I sat down for local Bone Crusher Wit Beers while we perusing the menu. I had an awesome Biltong Burger(a Bacon Cheeseburger substituting Biltong for Bacon) and fries while Sophie and Peter opted respectively for a Mozzarella Salad and a Calamari salad. More coffee at the Franchshoek Pancake House to fuel the rest of our adventure.



On our way to our last vineyard of the day we came upon Drakenstein Prison in Paarl the last prison Mandela Prison was in before his release. Then on to Laborie our third and last Vineyard where along with Wine we tasted their Brandy and a Port.

MCC Blanc de Blancs 10
Savingon Blanc 15
Merlot Cabernet 14
Pineau de  Laborie
Alambac Brandy




This trip was a great way to hit multiple vineyards, two towns and gather a wealth of info not only on wines from the great staff at all the vineyards but our tour guide/driver was a wealth of information on Cape Town’s past and present.




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