Solo Travel as of late is getting a lot of press due to it being touted as a growing trend in the travel industry. However it’s been with us since we started recording history(telling stories,depending on your point of view). The first solo Traveller being Cain, after that incident with his brother, Moses after a slight disagreement with Ramses, and Jesus going on a walkabout for 40 days. I myself started doing Solo trips years ago and here’s my list of do’s and don’t for Solo Travel

Do go where you want to, when you want to. Truth is sometimes places you want to see others in your life don’t, or don’t have the time, simply the desire, etc. Go. 

Do what you want, when you want to. Go out and talk, drink, dance with locals or fellow travelers, or stay in and watch local TV just to laugh at the commercials.  

Do walk up to locals or other travelers, (access for trustworthiness) and ask them to take a photo of you instead of taking a damn stupid selfie. 

Do try something new. You may discover a new sport, hobby etc…Worse comes to worse nobody you know gets to see you fall on your face. You can tell them when you get back. 

Do walk around town, city, etc to get the feel for a place at street level vs sitting on a bus. It’s a completely difference experience. I have found so many great places this way, not only while traveling, but in my daily life. 

Do go to some “Tourist” spots, there’s a reason why some are. Just try to go off times if possible. 

Do go on group day tours. Some places are simply difficult to get to or you will miss too many places coming and going. The better tour guides can be a wealth of knowledge on a place. Plus you get to meet some fellow travelers from all over the world 

Do go to some places yourself and wander around, chat up locals in the restaurant, coffee shop, store, etc. I’ve met some very interesting people this way and info on things/places to see and do. 

Do eat at the bar. A good way to chat with the staff and others at the bar.

Do go for walks, runs, workouts, swims where the locals do. Places like Tel Aviv, Rio, Cape Town etc have promenades, outdoor pools and outdoor workout spaces. 

Do Listen to hotel, restaurant, and store employees about where it’s safe to go and where it’s not and when. 

Don’t go through life without trying it at least once, even if it’s just for a weekend. Just Do it…



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