Nha Trang, Vietnam

    This Summer, to keep my brain stimulated while tanning at the beach and pool as well as traveling for Biz and Pleasure I’ll be reading a mix of my usual batch of thrillers, some science, something involving water and some Supernatural/Sci-Fi/Fantasy to keep it interesting.
Black Hole– Marcia Bartusiak an MIT Professor writes about Black Holes for those of us without PH D’s in Quantum Physics

The Marks of Cain – Tom Knox weaves History with Mythology to weave intriguing thrillers. This one…is the Mark of Cain in our DNA?

Cairo Affair – Otto Steinhauser is the heir apparent to John Le Carre. In this standalone story he weaves the events that took place right before the fall of Qaddafi with the CIA in Hungary, Egypt’s secret service and a Serbian spymaster.

Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? The Philip K Dick’s story that was turned into the Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner.

Duet in Beirut – Mishka Ben-David is an ex Mossad agent who became a writer. In this one an agent goes rogue and his former Commander comes after him.

Earth One :Batman(Volumes 1 and 2) Gary Frank and Geoff Johns re-telling of the origin of Batman and his early years. Here he’s more of a man then a Superhero and a fallible at that with far less gadgets. Many of the characters are re-imagined. The art is beautiful and the story very engrossing.

The Lady From Zagreb – Philip Kerr, The latest Bernie Gunther thriller. The Detective from Berlin (circa WWII) has a favor called upon him by the Nazi’s he despises…solve a murder in Ustashe-controlled Croatia.

The Heist – Daniel Silva – Quite possibly my favorite Spy after James Bond. The Mossad Agent/Art Restorer goes after a stolen Caravaggio deep in the underbelly of the dark side of the Art world. A certain Syrian Dictator is involved…

Monocle:Forecast -Great collection of essays and reports on people, places and he things we desire. Examples include the Dutch DNA in NYC, interviews with European Mayors and Local Boutique Grocery stores vs Mega-Super Markets.

The String Diaries – Steven Lloyd, A Supernatural Thriller with some Historical Fiction woven in about Shape-shifters. The first of a trilogy.

The Extreme Life of the Sea – Father and Son Stephen and Anthony Palumbi take us to the ocean’s most inhospitable hottest, coldest, and darkest areas that still thrive with life.
    If I make it through the list above here are the books on deck for later in the Summer, or early Fall.
First to Fly – Charles Flood, The true story of Lafayette Escadrille, American fly-boys who volunteered to fight  and fly for France in the early days of WWI before the US entered the war.

Monocle The Escapist
– New Summer Travel launch from Monocle magazine that focuses on Travel, Global cities, Journeys, and Fiction.

One Upon A Time in Russia
– Ben Mezrich, The true story of the mega-wealthy Russian Oligarchs as told by the author who gave us Ugly Americans, Bringing Down the House and Accidental Billionaires

Palace of Treason
– Jason Matthews, The second in a great new Spy Thriller series pitting protagonists Dominika Egorova (think the love child of the Black Widow of and James Bond) of the SVR and CIA Agent Nate Nash as they work both for and against each other.

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