Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach


Frishman Beach

Frishman Beach

Gordon Beach Scene

Gordon Beach Scene

When I was in Tel Aviv the first time years ago I thought the beaches were beautiful, yet I was not prepared for the Rio like promenade that they call the Tayelet that blew me away. If you walk all the way down one way you hit the ancient city of Jaffa Port and the other way the modern port of Tel Aviv. Frishman and Gordon were my favorite beaches and where I spent the most time. I also hit Alma, Banana and a few others as well. I did literally walk the entire length of the beach front, breaking it into two excursions. Once from my hotel through the Harcamel Market(awesome Arab sweets), to Neve Tzedek(Tel Aviv’s hottest hood) then all the way to Jaffa Port and back and then the other way to Tel Aviv’s Port and back. From one end to the other the Tayelet promenade winds with multiple access ports to the various beaches. At Gordon there is some exercise equipment, not quite Venice Beach…but gets the job done.

Some of my buds asked me to take pics of beautiful Israeli girls(many of them have amazing eyes in various shades of Green, Blue, and Gray) on the beach.  So I would go up to good looking girls by the shoreline and ask if they can take pics of me, then tell then my friends asked for pics of cute girls and that I must have misunderstand them and thought they wanted hot girls to photograph me…they laughed and smiled enjoying on being in on the fun that I was going have have on my friends(thank me later guys:).

While there are places right on the beach to eat since they were pricey I just took a break from the beach to explore the nearby streets and was rewarded with a great Sharama sandwich, pretty good Mexican and fairly outrageous Gelato. To burn off lunch you can walk/job along the beach, hit the volleyball court, the gym, SUP, Surf…but whatever you do…please don’t play kedema, it drives me crazy.

Quite simply, there are few beaches in the world where you can walk from the city center, hit a beautiful palm tree lined clean watered beach, grab any food you can imagine, wander the streets of a 4,000 year old city, check out some Art in a hip gallery and then finish your day watching the the sunset with a beverage of your choice. Next up will be a piece on Israeli Soft Power and then I’ll cover Tel Aviv’s amazing food scene, my hotel, and a pretty cool day trip that hit Caesarea, Acre, and the Grotto’s of HaNikra.


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