I recently landed a new job and had to quickly plan, book, and go away so I could start the following week. I needed beach, some culture and my preference is to go global. Tel Aviv had the best weather, is in the Med with beaches, near to Roman ruins and cost as much as fly to LA(under $1,000!). Plus since I could fly out at night and back after midnight that gave me a full 6 days and 5 nights.

The last time I was here was so long ago I think it was before the Romans arrived, the city has changed dramatically. While the beaches were always nice the new promenade, the Tayelet they built is spectacular rivaling Rio’s. When I was here last the food was mediocre and they couldn’t make a drink to save their lives. Now the food is world class and they developed a cocktail culture as well as a 24 club culture(you will have to read other blogs for that, I ran around all day long and by midnight I was toast:) Art Galleries line the streets and Street Art adorns the walls.

Israel really needs to develop its Soft Power. It’s known worldwide for being a vicious Bantamweight when it comes to hard power and defending itself rightly so. It also has a very good rep in the Tech and a Medical industries and has a thriving economy. Where I believe the Israelis are doing a lousy job is exporting their modern culture. Everyone knows it’s Biblical history, but not Israel’s modern culture. They have a great beach culture, amazing Art, and most of the country is fairly Liberal socially. The Israeli fusion food is amazing, they really need to do what Vietnam  and Thailand did so successfully and open restaurants around the world serving their cuisine, wine and beer. They also need to open more Art galleries and get their Artists into more Art galleries. This is the real Israel and what people around the world need to get a taste of…so to speak.

People have this picture of Israel as a dangerous war zone with missiles zipping around. This is not to say that things never get hot and heavy. However while I was in Tel Aviv and up on Lebanese border I felt totally safe. It’s sad to say that they was more violence taking place in my home, the US of A while I was away. Israel needs to show the world it’s a modern thriving young county with a rich History. How many places can you go to Roman ruins, a modern Art Museum, the beach, out for an amazing dinner and then go party the night way in the same day into the next?


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