When I travel I generally fall into the 9 day week long trip and long weekends. However there are those who travel if not all the time for 3-6 months trips. Here’s some info I compiled from my own experiences and attending a recent Meet Plan Go event

@airfarewatchdog on Twitter constant updates on best flight deals

In NY for vaccinations Passport Health. They are not the least expensive but they are very good.

For Visa’s some countries like Brazil you can just go to their Consulate, but for the more difficult ones like Vietnam  I use ItsEasy Passport and VISA support.

WorldNomad for Travel Insurance – you can purchase it on a monthly basis as needed

Charles Schwab checking has no fees. You can use ATM globally without getting hit by crazy fees

For long term travel Southeast Asia is the least expensive region of the world. Central America is pretty much next.

While you can always buy a guide book these days I usually use Travel Apps. Gogobot being my main one (Steve ) and I still use TripAdvisor as well(top 3%)

If in your budget not only are Hotels out but most Hostels as well, check out Couchsurfing( there are reviews to ensure safety) and Airnb

Wireless is everywhere. Use that vs getting killed in data fees. However make sure you “disconnect” as well. You want to be on vacation, not living and working remotely.

Try to learn some key phrases before you go. Of note, Google Translate is good for looking stuff up on a menu or the like or real simple words or phrases. However  idioms do not translate right…so it’s a great way to say something and have something altogether different translate in someones ear from what came out of your mouth…or so you thought.

Please feel free to comment and add any helpful tips of your own.

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