We are half way past through the Summer already and after reading a bunch of Bucket List Summer articles that you would need the summer off and have a Trust Fund at your disposal…here’s a list of fun, basic, things to enjoy. Hopefully you’ve check off a number of them already…
Jump into a body of water…preferably more daring then a swimming pool…though nothing wrong diving off a board

Listen to live music outdoors…it doesn’t have to be front row seats at the greatest band( One Direction…obviously) of all time Summer Tour … it can be just a local band playing in the park or outdoor bar

Hit the beach, river or lake. Pools are wonderful but they are simply not the same as a natural body of water especially the beach…sand, waves, bikinis…paradise on earth

Do the beach like a Brazilian vs an American Frat-boy. …Sit in a beach chair, drinking a beverage(alternate between Beer, Caipirinha, and fresh fruit and coconut water) look great while doing…without littering your surroundings, blasting music and getting trashed annoying all around you. Just try it…

Have an Archer moment – Go on a rampage, tell girls you’re  a Spy, have your Butler fill and refill your Bloody Mary glass or else, until told otherwise

Have a James Bond moment – Seduce a foreign Femme Fatale, Drink a Negroni (Bond drinks them in the Risico story in For Your Eyes Only), Do something in the water…fast, Go to an exciting Foreign city

Have a James Brown moment – “Get on offa that thing”…and Dance! Or at least go see Get On Up …looks awesome.

Take a stroll along the beach…see where it leads you

Get invited out on a friends boat…(hint-hint:)

Go fishing, better yet teach a kid to fish…vs teaching a kid the different between a Spicy Tuna Roll and a Dragon Roll

Eat Ice Cream…often, but in moderate portions

Buy something with Polka Dots to wear…whenever I think of them I think of polka dot bikinis which brings a smile to my face  … get them on socks or a tie if you can’t rock them on a two piece

Grill… Seafood. I love steak and burgers  on the grill but grill Seafood as well…and make home-made salsas like Pineapple Tomatillo or Mango Salsa /Guacamole

Eat crustaceans on a roll…Lobster, Shrimp, Crab or a combo of all three.

Buy something fun…Swim Fins, a baseball mitt, paddle-board, Frisbee,  super-soaker…but buy a new toy to play with

Go on a Road-trip. Go with your family, your friends, your special friend hit the damn road Jack(ie)!

Get out of just going to the gym to work out and add  a warm weather water related outdoor activity. Swim, Paddle-board, Tubing, Surf, Sail…

Eat Spicy Food…it makes you sweet and cools you down…now do you get why spicy food comes from warm weather climes vs cold

For desert have an Affagato…it’s a scoop of Gelato doused in a shot or two of espresso. Pistachio and Hazelnut my faves. I just bought a Bialetti Moka Express so I can make them at home if the desire should hit me

Go on a vacation – So many people don’t at all or they go away but they are just working remotely. Clear your mind…you will be better for it as well as most of those around you

Drink a Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen, it’s a German Grapefruit  beer

Drink Cucumber Mint Mojito’s

Drink White Negroni’s

Drink Chilled Rose’s

Question if your drinking too much…ponder this while sipping a fine Bourbon,Scotch, or dark aged Rum

Which reminds me Dark n Stormy’s are a fine summertime beverage

Indulge in a hobby you used to do…that’s creative…but stick with it this time…Play Guitar/Piano/Sax, Paint, Make Pottery, Write Poetry do something to free your spirit…or just let spreadsheets and reports continue to crush your very soul

Make some new stories…the best happen organically…however it helps if you put yourself out there…and trust me, they will come

Be Awesome and Epic…


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