OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I’m gearing up for some long weekend trips and figured I’d share how I minimize my packing so I can carry on when I fly vs waiting forever for my luggage to show up if at all. This is geared for a For 2-4 day warm weather trip with flying involved and though I will try to make this unisex it is geared more towards fellow dudes. Primarily due to the fact that I wouldn’t even consider telling a lady what she should/should not pack and for all I’m concerned Bikini, sundress, lingerie, jeans & sweater with flip flips and sandals are all you need. Keep in mind the airlines are constantly changing their policies, starting to charge for additional bags and getting better and better at losing said luggage. If you can, carry on. Also keep in mind it’s not just the size of the bag, it’s the weight as well. I purchased approved sizes and though it happens rarely, I  have them weighted and told they must be checked in. Great way to kill 30-60 minutes of your life stressed out your luggage is never going to show up.

Swimsuits – 1-2 Unless you’re on a photo-shoot and you’re  the model. You can re-wear 1 over the course of a weekend.

Shorts – 1-2. A pair of cargo’s for day and happy hour, tailored for the night.

Long Pants – 1. Only of its going to be cool at night or you are going to more formal restaurants at night. If flying wear coming and going

Belt- Wear it

T-Shirts 2-3 You can wear the same one twice if you don’t sweat profusely or by a souvenir from the place that you…

Polo -1-2 solves the collar  required problem at night or at the Yacht Club Again if cool or formal pack a long sleeved one

Button down (optional) 1- Hawaiian, plaid or whatever your style  if causal , l like linen for formal.

Jacket/Zip up Sweater- Sports jacket  if you’re going somewhere its required , Zip up jacket or sweater if its going to be cool at night.  If neither, leave it at home.

Briefs/Lingerie – 4…you will be in your swim suit during the day. If not and hiking/biking etc…double

Socks 2 – only if your going to run/bike/hike…otherwise go crazy and go bare down there. Yes, I’m referring to your feet…

Flip Flops- (optional) beach, pool, lake

Hiking/Trail  Shoes (wear on plane) everyday for whatever sport or for support while carrying her bags after you go shopping with her

Boat shoes/Loafers/sandals(leave the Louboutins at home)  perfect for nighttime

Dopp Kit

Shave Cream
Vitamins *
Suntan lotion
Hair Gel
Any meds you take*
Alieve *
Lip Balm

* These all go in a pill shaped capsule that looks like a big Tylenol

Sunglasses /Glasses
Global Charger/Converter – if going overseas
Pad or Laptop

Put these in your luggage or put them in a separate  Dopp Kit bag.

Electronic tickets
Hotel Voucher


Small backpack/-Tote-bag to carry stuff to the beach/pool/hiking/shopping etc


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