Last year I actually managed to read 8 and some of 1 out of the 11 books I posted. I didn’t hit Europe last Summer as planned but did a week in Cartagena, Colombia in the Winter. With my pool open, the first holiday weekend of the year in progress and a trip to plan here is my list of a Summer Reads to 2014 to keep me and possibly you busy pool side, by the beach, on the Train and/or on a Plane. My list this year is a mix of non-fiction on the Human Body and Extreme lifeforms in the sea, some espionage thrillers of course, a dash or two of Satire, a tale based on Middle Eastern supernatural legends, Storybook characters come to life,  and a sketchbook.Anatomies -A cultural history of the Human Body. Figured gaining a better understanding of the body and how we view it’s various parts would help with my Artwork…

Easy Go – Pulp fiction by Michael Crichton that he wrote while he was in Medical School as a hobby. This one takes place in Egypt with a lost Pharaohs tomb…

Everyday Drinking – A collection of Kingsley Amis’s pieces on a subject near and dear to him…drinking. Will likely read bits and pieces of this while trying out some of the recipes

Jackal’s Share – Second in a new series by Chris Morgan Jones where the protagonist is a cross between an Investigative Journalist and an Industrial Spy. This one is about an Iranian antiquities dealer…who may just be a Smuggler or possibly a Terrorist.

Lexicon – I’m a huge fan of Max Barry and was psyched to see he has a new book out. He writes Thrillers that are satires on our culture. This one about the power of Words…

Matt Helm: The Ravagers -I didn’t get around to reading The a Silencers which was on my list last Summer, however just finished this one.  The story takes place in the backwoods of Third World country Canada back in the 60’s and involves stolen secrets and murder by acid to the face(Note to self, use lots of sunscreen and beware any adults with Water-Guns)

Moleskin Notebook – Technically shouldn’t be on the list since it’s a sketchbook. I don’t even write in it…just draw sketches. However like the ancient Chinese Proverb says…”A picture is worth a 1000 words“. Plus, it’s my freaking blog so I’ll write what I want in it:)

StoryKiller – I found this book by Kelly Thompson on Kickstarter. The premise is “Storybook characters(both protagonists and antagonists) are real and live in a parallel dimension to our own…wading in at times. The heroine of the story can kill them. So between the Buffy-Grrrl like theme and amazing collection of Artists she got to do some illustrations I was intrigued.

Tatiana -Martin Cruz’s latest Renko adventure. Russian Reporter “falls” to her death shortly after Mob Billionaire gets knocked off. Yes, this is a work of fiction, not “What did Putin do now” headline…or is it?The English Girl – Daniel Silva’s latest Gabriel Allon Thriller. This time he’s sent to save an English Girl from her kidnappers. Is it ideology that drives the Villains of this tale like in most of his adventures or simply about Greed this time?

The Extreme Life of the Sea – Non-Fiction book written by Father and Son team on the crazy alien like life that swims around in our seas in all sorts of extreme conditions. Should be perfect for the beach.

The Golem and the Jinni – A female Golem winds up in turn of the 19th century New York without her Master at the same time a a Jinni is released by accident by a Tin-Smith. Helene Wecker is an extremely gifted writer and spins a great tale weaving in Eastern European Jewish and Syrian culture taking place in the just starting to melt melting pot of New York. I’m halfway through and at this point they have met and started a friendship. She’s made of Clay…he of Fire, should end well…

In addition I’ll be reading a ton of magazines(Traveller UK, Travel: The Sunday Times UK, etc) and websites(ie GOGOBOT) and blogs on “where I need to go next…and where after that”:)

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