Oh La La

I came upon this place while wandering around the Old City streets and Oh La La what a great discovery! It’s a cool looking place inside and has great Prix Fixe lunch specials. I had a Ceviche of a white fish with lime, crema, onion, and green apple to start, a Seafood Casserole of fish, shrimp, squid, carrots in a delicious broth with a side if creamy risotto like rice as my main with Lemonade to drink  for only $10…and the food was top notch. I highly recommended this place.

Peru Fusion

I actually remembered my way back to this street (Calle de Ayos) and was up for some Peruvian cuisine which I love. The Fusion in the name comes in the form of Sushi on the menu in addition to Ceviche and some of the rice dishes sauces are soy based. They serve corn kernels with salt and butter to start while you work your way thru the menu. I ordered up an Aquila to drink and all in Espanol ordered my Ceviche to start and my Peruvian Arroz con Mariscos(seafood) in Aji(a Peruvian pepper sauce I love) for my main course. The Ceviche was outstanding, though I was thrown off at first because it was served cooked and warm with the onions on top cool. Delicious nonetheless and a good sized portion.The Arroz Mariscos was served in a modern hot pot and again a nice sized portion of tasty arroz with seafood. While flavorful on its own I liked their hot sauce thus I used it constantly. It’s a cool sleek space inside with wooden rafters and brick and cement walls with baskets hanging from the ceiling acting as lights along with a sculpture of a huge fish.


Cafe De Mar

Cafe De Mar was by far the best looking crowd I saw while in Cartagena. It’s also the best place to see the Sun go down for the night. The drinks are premium priced…but you’re paying for the views. A must hit spot while you are here. Where else are you going to drink with cannons against the ramparts surrounded by such beauty?:)

La Mullata

Delicious home-style cooked Colombian food in a funky setting loaded with Paintings and Fish sculptures on the walls. I believe it’s only open for breakfast and lunch. They serve as a starter a bowl of very good fish soup(of note there are bones) to get your juices flowing. The food is absolutely yummy and very fairly priced. They offer 4 specials daily along with a number of regular entrees. I had a great Shrimp dish with Rice and finally had a Coconut Limeade:) which are incredible.

Cuzco Cocina Peruana

This place is an absolutely beautiful space inside with high ceilings, arches, a “green leafy wall”, wrought iron lighting and a reflection pool. It was like on a movie set  live band included to set the stage. To compliment the beauty of the interior Cuzco Cocina Peruna also employs some of the better looking Hostesses in the city with one the best looking crowds I saw in any of the restaurants…if you’re in to that sort of thing of course, I was just observing. Corn kernels with hot sauce are served to whet your appetite and a small mound of cloth is presented to you that has water poured on it which causes it to rise into a hand towel. As good as the setting, cast and magic act were…the food was the star of this show.

Pisco Sour the national drink of Peru was the first cocktail listed on the menu but want surprised me was they offered them flavored with local fruits…I went Lulo ( looks like a small orange, tastes like a mix of pineapple and lime…will need to see if I can find these back in NYC) not only were these delicious, they packed a punch…so I ordered another as soon as I finished the first. To start I had the Tirado Roccoro, a good sized portion and delicious. I was going to get a cooked fish dish for my main but I was in the mood for something lighter so went with one of their ceviches called the Erotica…squid, shrimps and fish in a special marinade. Fully sated but not stuffed I headed into the Cartagena night…

I was not only impressed by the food of Cartagena, I was blown away by it. This is the next great Foodie destination and I though I only mentioned it for Oh La La these restaurants are all highly recommended especially for those who love seafood.


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