Before I left for Cartagena, Columbia I looked online to see if there were any festivals going on. Turned out a major Music festival ended right before I arrived and the Hay Literary Festival started a week after I left. Thus, I was very pleasantly surprised(read: Psyched!) when it turned out that Cartagena’s inaugural Sabores Gourmet Food Festival(which didn’t show up on-line) was going on at the Convention Center right across the street from my hotel, the Allure Chocolat.

I literally stumbled onto it as I was walking  by the Convention Center on my way to the Walled City and saw first one coaches and tents, a giant sign that said Sabores and then a strikingly beautiful girl dressed like a chef holding a giant spoon which made me stop in my tracks. I went up to investigate and found out that it was opening night for the festival and that for $30 you get a book of 30 tickets to get a sample from each stall at the show. I purchased a ticket right there on the spot.(when I showed up later that evening they gave me a second book:)

I did my best to eat my way through the show, getting seconds on my favorites, but  never made through all 30 booths. In between eating  I hit the Bogata Beer booth for their awesome beers and to flirt with their lovely ladies. There was a VIP area for Wine and Cheese where I sampled some vino but my heart was in Bogata so to speak.

I did my best to capture the show, but between the food frenzy I was in, the Bogata Beers in my hand, while trying to take pics of the food on my iPhone and take notes…well I hope the pics do some justice to some of Cartagena’s best restaurants food.

Club De Pesca– Sushi
La Bonga– Sausage
Cafe del Roloj-Shrinp Ceviche
Mason De Maria & Mulata– Ceviche
Bogata Beer Company – Beer and Lust
Marea by Raush– Fried Shrimp
Collage -Eggplant
Señor Toro – Beef Tartare
Else Gallinnero – Fried Treats
M Cocina– Arroz
Palosanto– Jamon y Melon
Donde Olano -Crab Cake
Peru Mar -Ceviche
Burlador-Negra Arroz, this restaurant had the longest line
Cat Cake -Cookies and  Lollipop cakes
Cafe De Novias– Mini Pies
Agave – Ceviche



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