Geriba Praia, Buzios Brazil

One of the things I always pack whether it’s for a long trip, weekend or just popping up to my roof is a good book. Here’s my reading list for this Summer…a bit ambitious, but I’m planning on a trip to Europe, some long weekends and some quality time at the beach and pool. My list is a mix of Historical non-fiction, some espionage thrillers, dash of the Supernatural and one on life, love, rises and falls…

The Great Sea -The history of the Med and Mankind from 22,000BC to the present . This is my new pool book

A Quiet Flame – Thriller that takes place in 1950’s Argentina with an ex Berlin Head Detective on the run and investigating a murder and missing person. Just finished this today…it was excellent

All That Is – The latest by James Salter. A Naval Officer returns from WWII, enters the high end Publishing world and chronicles his life, loves and tribulations.

Fallen Angel – Latest Gabriel  Allon (think if James Bond could paint and was ex-Mossad) book by Daniel Silva

Joyland – Stephen King writing pulp fiction… Taking place in an Amusement Park…

Vulture Peak – latest in a great Thriller series that takes in Bangkok…

Operation Damocles – True story of Israel going after Ex Nazi’s working for Egypt’s Missile Program in the 1950’s/60’s

Inferno – Dan Brown’s latest…twists, turns, conspiracies, Dante!

Agent Zigzag   – True Story of WWII Double Agent Eddie Chapman

Red Moon -Supernatural Thriller abut Werewolves that tackles immigration and politics…sounded interesting

Red Sparrow – New Espionage Thriller tackling Modern Russia

The Silencers – I loved the Dean Martin Matt Helm movies though they were campy…the books which I never read are being re-issued and are supposed to be pretty gritty

Now if I can only decide on where to go in Europe on vacation….


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