Snorkeling Barbados

I’m not a huge fan of touristy things to do…however, as I have learned over the years…sometimes taking the guided tour or going to the must see place…are must see places, you would miss out on great big and little facts and simply fun experiences. While looking into snorkeling in Barbados Melanie of SurfBarbados recommended I go out on CoolRunningsBarbados for the ride, views and snorkeling. Though reluctant, I decided to give it a shot…which turned out to be a good move. Cool Runnings runs a highly professional operation from the time they pick you up at your hotel, take you out to swim with turtles, over wrecks and reef, feed you a great high quality buffet lunch(fish,chicken, salad,pasta salad, scalloped potatoes,plus the Banana bread for breakfast snack and great crazy moist and fresh Carrot cake for desert), keep your glasses filled(Unlimited drinks that included drinks made with Mount Gay Rum, Coconut Rum, Beer, Soda, Juices, water etc) if so desired, make you get up and dance off against other Catamarans and return you to your hotel…your condition depending on how much you enjoyed the open bar…

Sailing along the coast over the beautiful Bajan Blue waters would have been enough in itself…but snorkeling over the reefs and wrecks with turtles was my favorite part and below are some pics. For the main photo you may wonder why I choose the one I did vs a picture of the Catamaran…Well, thing is when I was showing my pics to my Niece Jilly she asked me…”Why do you always swim down underwater when you snorkel…why don’t you just float on top?” I answered “Jilly, quite simply as with many things in life…because I like to…and I can:)

Bajan Turtle Bajan Turtle ish-over-wreck-barbados Bajan Blue Fish Bajan Blue Fish barbados-by-sandy-lane barbados-by-sandy-lane Cool Runnings Buffet Bajan Fish Bajan Blue Fish Bajan Fans Wreck Barbados Diving Down Bajan Blue waters Bajan Wreck Bajan Turtle Cool Runnings Catamaran



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