After I completed my search for the Nidhe Israel Temple with Police escort and bounced around Bridgetown’s harbor area I hopped back on a mini-van over to Pebble Beach. Luckily I remembered what to look for on the road since the bus stop is not along the beach but a few blocks inland. The beach itself is a small but nice little beach on Carlisle Bay that is an ideal spot to try out SUPing…Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I had an hour to finally eat breakfast, swim, tan & chill.

Cuz’s Cutters

This is the kinda place I normally prefer to stumble across…thing is google restaurants Barbados and Cuz’s comes up early on. Funny thing is it’s a small shack in the parking lot for Pebble Beach. Cuz uses Blue Marlin, his secret blend of spices, lettuce, & tomato on a nice soft bun that holds up to the fish. There are a number of condiments to add, I tried the hot sauces, both good. Too drink I had a Ginger Beer with my breakfast and a Red Cherry Frutee with my lunch. A sandwich w/a soda came out to $5.25 USD. I found it interesting that it wasn’t only beach goers that eat here but I saw men and women that looked  like they came from work. One women even ordered her Cutter…without bread. I guess even in Barbados the ladies are carb conscious. The sandwiches more then live up to their reputation, every beach should have a Cuz’s.

Cuz's Cutter Cuz's Fish Shack Ginger Beer

At 1pm I headed over to PaddleBarbados’s shack for my SUP lesson. Taking into account I’m getting over a sports injury and I might be biting off more then I can chew I gave it a go. Jason started the lesson on the beach as to how to paddle(arms locked, not bent,digging, not brushing:) and the common challenges…wind, waves, looking down vs up etc…Info processed we hit the water.  I headed into the waves first and slid into position in the board with my paddle under my chest facing out as instructed…after paddling out a bit with my back arched the way when I learned how to surf I made my way onto my knees and started paddling out with the rest of the group led by Jason’s wife Sarah(who makes awesome chocolate chip cookies) with Jason covering our rear. One by one everyone got up…except this guy. Still need to work out kinks with range of motion issues…though Jason did give a few great little hints as to once I work those out what to do. Regardless,got a great workout paddling on my knee’s and butt and got to swim with some turtles.

Paddle Barbados Sarah's Chocolate Chip Cookies Pebble Beach, Paddle Barbados Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Pebble Beach  Pebble Beach

After a brief break(read:collapse) I had another of Cuz’s Cutters for lunch and a much earned aforementioned homemade Chocolate Chip cookie before heading back to Worthy Beach for some quality sunset time on the beach…

Worthy Beach Sunset


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