Blue Orchid of Barbados Boardwalk

Between what a pleasure the weather has been thus far this winter, being overdue for a vacation and just needing some R&R it was high time to get away. After a bit too much deliberation I choose the South Coast of Barbados for a long weekend getaway.  Some of the key reasons I choose Barbados include the fact that you can wander around the island (going somewhere to stay in a resort where you can’t walk out of it is not my thing, I like to meet the people and enjoy some culture), it’s where they created Rum, there’s a fair amount of history to the place, and plenty of water-sports to enjoy…Here are my favorites from the trip in no particular order…

The boardwalk and beach of the Blue Orchid/Coral Mist in Worthy
Cool Running’s Catamaran/Wreck and Reef Snorkel Trip
Coffee Bean’s Coconut Bread…not to mention their coffee
Swimming with Bajan Turtles…(swam with them at Pebble Beach, Accra, and off Sandy Lanes beach)
The Blackened Grey Snapper with creamy Cajun sauce at Harlequin in St Lawrence Gap
Cuz’s Fish Cutters(sandwiches) in the Parking lot of Pebble Beach
Tapas Restaurant in Hastings
Cockspur Spiced Rum
Accra Beach Sunsets
Bridgetown’s Police Force
The Nidhe Israel Synagogue in Bridgetown…built in 1654!
My SUP lesson/water workout
The color Bajan Blue Water
Banks Amber Beer
Saints 10 Beer
Mojo’s Bar & Restaurant in Worthy
The mini-Rasta vans that shuttle around the island for only a $1USD!

Of note, a special thanks to Melanie Pitcher of who helped me book my trip. Even though we never met it was like having a local friend on the ground. She booked my hotel room, set up a SUP lesson for me, the Catamaran/Snorkel trip I went on and even gave me tips on getting around. Stay tuned for upcoming posts with lots of pics…


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