Electic Blue Fish of Glovers Reef

After my adventure in the Jungles and Caves it was time for why I came to Belize…(this was shortly after 9/11 and I needed to get away from it all) to snorkel and kayak in calm tranquil blue waters. While the snorkeling was some of the best I’ve done in my life…Glover’s Reef Atoll (Fun Fact…almost all Atolls are located in the Pacific with just a smattering in the Atlantic) which was literally a spit of sand in the middle of the ocean was a bit more remote than I anticipated. To get there we went by motorboat…which likely would have been fun if it wasn’t so overloaded which didn’t so much slow it down as much as it tilt it so waves of water hit me in the face the entire ride…again non-stop the entire ride…rinsing my eyes out with salt water for an hour…with sunglasses on…

Upon arriving and being shown to my box shaped canvas tent on the beach we grabbed our kayaks and went paddling and snorkeling. The water was the clearest cleanest I’ve ever seen…the color best described as Ice Blue Jello. Due to a recent hurricane the corals were somewhat damaged but the amount of sea life was spectacular. In addition to all sorts of fish that came in magnificent blues, greens, yellows etc we saw rather large lobsters(which one night our local guides swam down 30ft + for many minutes at a time to catch)a dolphin swam by me and of course I chased Barracuda’s when they went by. Aside from kayaking by paddle, one day on the way back from a long multi-stop trip we kayak sailed which was kinda cool. The main paddle/snorkel adventure was done in the mornings, but every afternoon I went out for an additional paddle/snorkel with our guide. In between was usually spent on a hammock getting eaten alive my tiny gnats with razor sharp teeth called Bite Me’s here, though generally called No Can See’s. I came home with a combo of a dark tan and what looked like chickenpox.

Nightlife on the atoll was a bit(read:nonexistent) limited. There were no Ginger or Mary-Ann’s on the trip and the bar consisted of a Coleman ice chest with a limited number of beers. So after sharing stories of travel and loves lost we would retire early, read a bit and get up for more kayaking. The snorkeling was absolutely incredible but while I wasn’t looking to go clubbing maybe a bit too remote for me. The last night we did spend in a town which was a bit rundown(I still remember the guy riding his banana seat bike on the dirt road holding a rifle in the center of town) though kinda cool In it’s beat up way. We went out that night…first shooting pool and then going to bar for some “dirty dancing” The ladies of this town all had the same rather too thick for me build with the same beehive hairdo. Since our guide was going to be here for months he started looking for his new girlfriend. Since I was flying out the next day…hitting it on the dance floor was enough for me. I was warned that the ladies dirty dance rather aggressively…I had some fun out there…I don’t think they had much experience with a “white boy” from NY who can shake it like a Polaroid picture:)


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