Salt Water…salt water…say it again and put it into the back of your mind for now…

Life is about perspective…a raging storm for an infant could be rather scary causing them to tussle between Mother & Father confused by the sound of rain and wind, for young children it can be a day w/o TV…yet a day off from school playing in their PJ’s…cuddling with their siblings for warmth & giggling till sleep overwhelms them, for adults no power can be an inconvenience as severe as dealing w/o heat to rekindling a romance using body heat. For those of us lucky enough with power… concern for their family and friends and nothing more than the nuisance of Netfilx’s audio being screwed up for a bit.

I live on the crossroads of those literally with and those without power. The have’s and have not’s starkly realized. As I step forth from my Dark Tower  (as in nexus of the multi-verse from the Stephen King novels vs w/o power, my tower is actually quite lit) when I look to my left(south)eternal darkness, to the right(north)powered light. On day 1 post Sandy I walked along the East River to check out the damage. To me it didn’t seem like that much until my cousin who runs along it frequently pointed out that all the benches were gone and the potted trees were blown all over the place. I couldn’t help but take a picture in front of the Water Club….oh the irony. Salt Water. Walking back up 2nd Ave…nothing open, store windows gated and shuttered, no working lights…and then once you hit 39th Street, civilization… ATM’s, lines at Pizza places, people gathering in banks not just for cash…but to recharge their mobile devices, seek heat, and free coffee. Irony yet again…the evil banks that destroyed our economy with their bets on derivatives that no one can understand…now providing salvation for the masses.

What I’ve found most amusing is watching people powering up their mobile devices. They gather in said Banks, in buildings hallways, on the street, literally sittings on the street looking for extensions outside of stores (see photo) the funniest…on 42nd st I saw people squatting by trees who had sockets for Christmas tree lighting. It was bizarre for me…I remember a world where handheld devices were what Federation(Star Trek holla) personal used…Androids were characters in Sci-Fi books, not devices we communicated on…it wasn’t that long ago that the Blackout hit. People didn’t have lightweight laptops, & I this, & I that to recharge…oh how the world has moved on(holla Dark Tower fans)

Today after the hitting the gym….which was packed…with pretty much every NYSC member south of 42nd Street…I ran into my masseuse. What was particularly amusing about this was aside from the fact I’ve never seem her outside the spa…was the first thing she said after hello was “I keep thinking about our conversation about the upcoming election where you said it’s going to come down this, that and what the weather’s like on Nov 6th…” Maybe I was more prescient than I’d like to be. She then pointed out how she has no power and hopes I enjoy my heat, Internet, TV etc…you’re probably even going go go swimming aren’t you? Well my pool is closed…its outdoor only…but I did recently join the Park’s Dept which of course Govt being oh so efficient(read: not!) closed all locations in the 5 boroughs!

Thus I hit MOMA to catch a Bond flick and to see how things were uptown. You would have thought it was Christmas. People all over well lit  streets with gift bags buying stuff(I broke down at LINDT to stock up on flavored(Coconut, Orange, etc)chocolate bars. Walking back down 5th the stark contrast when you hit 40th was like standing at the edge of a portal between parallel universes…one alive with light…the other shrouded in darkness….

Salt Water…I travel the world seeking salt water. I love swimming in it, surfing in it, frolicking in it, flirting and drinking by it. It feels amazing…Yet it was Salt Water that did so much of the damage for Sandy.  Oh the wind did her fair share here. However, it’s salt water that cuts through and erodes the most sophisticated technology like it’s nothing. It’s Salt Water that knocked out the power stations and why the trains still are not running and may not for days…but in the end…it’s Salt Water that I still seek…it’s Salt Water that I crave…like all things…a double edged sword.


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