Most people quite simply do not know how to pack. Most grossly over-pack and on top of that forget some key gear. This piece isn’t to cover biz trip vs safari vs ski trip…it’s to cover the 10 things I almost always pack wherever I go. I do travel internationally more often than domestic so it’s slightly skewed that way…but in all fairness if I’m domestic it’s just the universal charger that’s substituted. If you have any suggestions about something(s) I missed please comment. Again, I’m factoring in that things like Sport Jacket, Cocktail Dress, Sunglasses, Passport, Toiletries, etc are already on your list if required for where and what. Also 1 or 2 items should be personal to you. Some hobby, vice, guilty pleasure that you prefer to not do without…

Book – you’re gonna be waiting in the airport, chilling by beach, pool, cafe, on the train…expand your horizons, read some something.

Camera- So you can share all the fun stuff you did and saw…always have a spare battery and back-up memory card. If you have an iPad, get the adapter and you can download your pics right then and there

Chocolate- My guilty pleasure, I need chocolate…need, not want…need chocolate. To bring I like either Jaques Torres, Lic-Lac or Mast chocolate drops. Once I arrive I try to buy local while in-country

Dark Colored knit pullover- Light merino wool (breathes) is best, can be worn over and over again. An indispensable travel garment regardless of temperature

Mobile device- Wireless is everywhere…best way to communicate with those back home and look stuff up…iPad,iPhone, android…your call. I have my roaming turned off so as to not get killed with fees.

Universal charger- My travels usually take me overseas, this is a lifesaver in our brave new digital world. If you’re going Domestic, substitute with…(fill in the blanks)

Moleskin notebook and pencils -As stated you need to pick a couple things unique to you…I like to draw. Plus it keeps the creative juices flowing.

Packable rain jacket- Rains everywhere, so always pack one. I far prefer them to an umbrella…plus can be used as a windbreaker if need be

Pill Box – Mine is literally shaped like a big Tylenol. I load it up with Vitamins, Aleve(from all the running around and just in case of headache) etc. Load up with your choice of magic pills…it’s also where I pack my Q-tips

Bathing suit- If I’m not by the beach, I usually stay at a place with a rooftop pool. Even if I’m on a biz trip, if the hotel has a pool inside or out this guy is ready for some laps


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  1. […] Roaming data fees and call surcharges will cost more then your plane ticket. Shut off your voice and data and use WiFi instead, as it’s widespread. I won’t stay at a hotel without it for free. I also always abide by this travel essentials packing list. […]

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