Underwater Camera goes into the water…you go into the water…Shark is in the water…Camera craps out in the water… This being shark week reminds me of the three adventures I’ve had (knowingly) over the years with Sharks.  My favorite one took place years ago on Australia’s world famous Barrier Reef. Being underwater there was like being as close to off planet as I you can get. The amount of aquatic life and multi-colored corals were amazing. My bud and I didn’t even scuba dive we just snorkeled and even then encountered a vast array of sea life, including Giant Clams(more on this)Coral fields we had to arch our backs so not to scape our chests on as we swam over and of course...dun dun dun dun dun dun dun BOM BOM dun dun dun dun dun dun doo dedoo doo dedoo dede dooBlacktip Reef Shark

We were told that we would likely see Reef Sharks with either black or white tips. That they were only 5-6 ft long and likely more afraid of us then we needed to be of them. So of course when I saw one…like an idiot I swam after it( remember never run away from a predator…it makes you prey, the proper thing to do is stand your ground and be big and loud…or shit in your pants and hope the stink scares it away) chasing generally not the brightest idea. However it did swim away from me. As luck would have it my Olympus underwater camera(for the record a great camera that once replaced I used often years later…but stuff happens) I had with me crapped out (actually died on me and ended up replacing it with a plastic box from China…but that’s a whole nother story)and have no pics of this(the shark pics are of a Bull Shark from the Aquarium in Sydney).

What few pics I do have I put up including the giant clam, which for the record while huge compared to a cherry-stone…not exactly man-sized nor capable of trapping a man in its jaws like in the movies. They are a good 3ft or so but the jaw is covered with a thick blue lip with air vents on either side. This of course I got a picture of…including a red bellied vulgar clown fish:)

Oh I did leave out a little something… while generally safe, Blacktips do have a full set of teeth and have been known….I didn’t find this out till years later… attack when hungry( usually only at dusk or evening) or take a nibble on a leg if they get curious…but otherwise perfectly safe, docile and skittish:)

Stay tuned for “The Serpents of the Chao Phraya River” or “How I Jumped 20+ Feet Backwards From a Sitting Position”


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