Travel takes you to all sorts of places…some near…some far. In this case I purchased my first original oil painting at Art Expo in NY from a Mexican artist, Fidel Garcia who is getting big globally, especially China. The Gallery I purchased the piece from…Rocca Art International is from Montreal,Canada…who invited me to the VIP opening night of Art Hampton in Bridgehampton…

I’m going to let the art speak from itself with the pics below which I consider the highlights…including some pics I took that I thought you might enjoy…however I will not leave you without a story…

Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong fame was at the event. He is a patron of the arts and I believe was being honored with an award over the weekend. So while having a drink an attractive Asian girl in a rather form-fitting green dress stopped by the booth Cheech was sitting at and asked him…”hey, you know who you kinda look like…that guy from the pot movies…anyone ever tell you that?” I thought she was joking and messing with him at first…until he answered…”Actually, I am that guy from the movies…I’m Cheech Marin” “Oh wow, yeah you are him…yeah no wonder you look so much like him” Some of this stuff…you just cannot make-up…Enjoy the pics…


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