You know how you can really only get great pizza by the slice & bagels in NYC… Well the same applies elsewhere…for instance you …just…cannot…get…Fried Chicken this damn good outside the south and this may just be the best I’ve ever had! South City Kitchen has the kind of menu that I have a Love-Hate relationship with…just too many things on it screaming my name…I started with their Fried Green Tomatoes w/goat cheese in a red pepper coulis which was even better then it sounded and looked to start followed by the Buttermilk Fried Chicken(which as stated possibly best ever) w/sides of kale( healthy as all hell and I like the taste) and smokey Mac and cheese (has smoked cheddar)…plus it came with a honey thyme jus to dip chicken in which worked beautifully.

When the meal ended I was kinda bummed out…I mean I was well sated and the food was delicious but knowing that I may not eat here again for a while brought about a bittersweet melancholy. Until the next morning that is…when sitting next to my VP I started raving about the place and asked where he was holding his team dinner Corporate sent him a list of places nearby …which Needless to say South City Kitchen was on it … He asked if I minded eating there again I told him jokingly that I minded not eating there again…with a big grin on my face

Round two…now all those dishes I wanted to try were in reach…We ordered a number of appetizers for our two tables that included:

  • Pork belly w/kimchee collard greens…absolutely outrageous…we ordered more
  • Scallops on thick cut bacon w/on top of creamed corn with a basil purée…my eyes were rolling like a great white sharks
  • BBQ pork on scallion grits hoecakes…if you noticed the chef likes to mix in some Asian flavor with his “New Southern” cooking and oh…does…it…work!
  • Pimento cheese w crisps…simple yet delish

After the appetizers i decided I needed something light and healthy so i went with the Strawberry salad(baby arugula, local butter lettuce, tarragon goat cheese, and spring radishes in a white balsamic-honey vinaigrette)…to keep me busy before my entree….did you think that was it?!? Have you not looked at the pic below of their menu?:) I ordered the Smoked Pork chop with spaghetti squash & kale salad …I washed it down with their spin on a Manhattan…which was great…but only had the one drink…had to get back to my hotel to get out a pricing request and up early for a full day of non-stop presentation training…

Most of my team-mates ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken to see what I was raving so much about…I barely heard a word out of them till they done they were so caught up in the ecstasy of fried chicken perfection personifried. Of note…they used a knife and folk …I used my hands…who eats Fried Chicken with utensils? Damn Yankee’s!). Luckily one of my friends ordered the Shrimp & Red Mule Grits(grits, poblano peppers, tasso ham(love taso ham), in a smoked tomato gravy which I wanted to try. Once again another hit out of the ballpark.

Once again as good as the deserts looked and sounded we were all just too stuffed and in a state of post dinner bliss to eat another thing…South City Kitchen is reason enough to visit the city of Atlanta which already has more than enough going on…(I kinda have some stories from my many visits to this fine city:) but what would be really sweet…is a South City Kitchen in NYC…I might just force myself to try some deserts if that should come to pass:)

South City Kitchen is located at 1144 Crescent Avenue in Midtown and at 1675 Cumberland Pkwy, Smyrna.


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