ImageThis year was the first time I went out for St Paddy’s in a while in New York and it was fun. Funny thing though, this time last year I did celebrate it a bit…but in the beach city of Nha Trang Vietnam! I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t expect anything major…not a whole lot of Bluey’s/Gingers in Nam…but plenty of Backpackers. On a scuba/snorkel trip my cousin and I made friends with a bunch of Aussies who were on their way to Japan to go Snowboarding when the Tsunami hit! They made a quick change of plans and being rather adventurous instead of canceling their vacation they decided to go Scuba diving in Nam! Now that’s how you do it! Adapt…improvise…overcome!!!

So with our new friends we hit a few spots for green drinks and made the most of it. At one point a small group of trashed guys went marching up and down the streets in green proclaiming St Daddy’s day and how they have been drinking since the morning…God bless the Irish…just wonder if any of them actually were Irish come to think of it…We ended up at a beach bar that night complete with Armed Vietnamese cops in the place and drunk Russians rocking out with their local friends to throbbing Trance music…Hmmmm was that the same night? The same night of the Brewery on the beach…? Maybe a bit of a blur…I guess in Nha Trang it can be St Paddy’s any day you want it to…:)



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