While I was going through one of my Moleskine journal’s I found note’s that I had written down on Prague. It was a time in the far distant past before iPad’s and Twitter. A time when people wrote notes on paper with pens…not quite 6 years ago. I had a Sales Kick-off in Paris and after hearing over and over from my co-workers how AWESOME Prague was on a prior trip…I figured well I’m in Europe already…let’s hit it. A buddy of mine caught up with me in Prague and we spent most of the time exploring the city. We did take two day trips. One was to Karlovy Vary a famous Spa Town…where we never quite found what we were looking for. The other was to Terezin. It likely doesn’t ring any bells…I had never heard of it. Turns out it was a fortress and garrison town that the Germans converted into a concentration camp. Not exactly the place for tourists…but if you’re a traveller then not all vacations are about beaches, beer and Bikini’s. Sometimes we need to see the darker side of human nature. If for no other reason…then to make sure it never happens again. Here are the actual original notes…

Terezin – Former fortress then prison converted to a concentration camp during WWII. One of my most chilling experiences ever(not in notes but this took place when we went into the rooms in the camp…I felt a chill pass through my body and my blood froze). Then went across bridge into Twilight Zone. They converted the ghetto into housing. We had lunch at Memorial Cafe. Oddly no mention of the camp…yet. It was billed as a great place to stay and see nearby sites. Ad on back of Hotel/Restaurant brochure for the Concentration Camps!!!

The pictures below include some pics of the camp including an arch up front with writing in German that translates to “Work will set you free”. The arch with no writing was the one that led to the execution grounds. Once you passed under that arch you never did again. Standing under it and walking back thru it was my big F…U…pic. The psychopaths failed…we are still here…bigger and stronger then ever. The other pics include the town and cafe.

Please note the bulk of the trip was all about the city which I loved,  great restaurants, Art Deco cafes, bars, museums, and meeting locals…discussing history, politics and the benefits of a good massage with demo’s…:) oh and Petra…freaking Petra…

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