After hitting the beach, stumbling in to an impromptu party at a club and then hiking up and crawling down the  sand dunes of Mue Ne we headed up north on another awesome bus ride(they need to do a bit of road work in Vietnam and introduce Highways….) we made it to further up north to Nha Trang. While Mue Ne is a resort area, Nha Trang is a city. It’s not that big a city and most of where you go is centrally located and along the beach and streets not far off from it. One of the cooler things we did was check out Po Nagar a Cham Temple complex that’s 1200+ years old. I guess I wasn’t expecting much so when we got to it we were pretty impressed. It’s a very cool set of intact structures with various Goddesses adorning the walls. While calling it Vietnam’s Petra might be a bit much…at the time it sure kinda felt that way. If you make it to Nha Trang indulge your inner “Indiana Jones and/or Lara Croft and spend some time with the Goddess Thiên Y Thánh Mâu and her friends…

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