I had a blast sand-boarding in Florianopolis, Brazil so when I was in Mue Ne, Vietnam and heard that they had huge dunes that you can sand-board not far from the the beach I was psyched. Thing is while the dunes were rather large and offered some great visuals … I don’t think I ever put more effort in and got  less out of something…ever.

My advice if you come here is A) rent a Dune Buggy…the walk was uphill in soft sand with the wind blowing in our faces and took at least 45minutes. Thus we only got one “ride”…about as much fun as it sounds. B) Bring your own or find a better board to rent. The things they gave us to ride were  a flimsy piece of plastic that simply didn’t work…for anyone. Instead of a fast ride down a very high and steep dune…we all got a very slow…stuck in the sand crawl that resulted in sand everywhere. As long as you rent a Dune-Buggy and have a better board (and some much needed water bottles) I think you can have some fun here. We made the most of it and got some good pics…enjoy and learn from the errors of our ways…


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