When I first saw Praia Mole beach I thought I was dreaming…there was just no way anyplace could be this beautiful! In front of me was beautiful blue water with surfable waves and a small island in the distance…to my right a scallop of sand, green hills and a cool beach bar…to my left a far longer stretch of beach with a nice big scallop…dotted with beach bars and capped at the end with huge incredible boulders with surfers riding waves by them. Then of course the beautiful local girls in their tangas frolicking in the waves, rubbing suntan lotion on each other, surfing…and just enjoying the sun.

I spent most of time in Florianopolis during the day here. The other beach I liked was Praia Joaquina that I hit to do some sandboarding which turned out to be a lot of work huffing up the hill…but when I hit it right a quick exhilarating ride down powder soft sand. I didn’t get as many pics of the sandboarding as I would have liked…so I guess I’m going to have to go back and get some…


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