When I travel along with always searching for good food both high and low end…I kinda like a drink or so as well. One thing I’ve noticed in my travels is that often you expect to drink some vino, beer, or cocktail that a place it’s known for…yet sometimes end up drinking stuff that you were not expecting. I’m not just talking about some weird herbal beverages that I have enjoyed from Belize to Iceland to Prague but sometimes the unexpected. For instance the #1 drink in the world has to be the Mojito…I’ve found them everywhere without looking and generally been pleasantly surprised by just how good they are. Here’s a partial list of some beverages I have enjoyed over the years along with some pics.

Barcelona – Of course Tempranillo’s, Albarino’s and Sangria to go with your tapas and paella’s…but like everyone else…the Spanish are  Mojito crazy. On the beach…not beach bar…the beach I had them for $3 made by couples making them fresh right in front of you…the Watermelon one at Santa Maria right off the beach was my favorite…it was also my spot for a great ham sandwich to get me by till dinner…they eat a bit late. .I had some tasty ones in town where I met a girl who looked like Penelope Cruz’s sister…and her friends rolled their eyes around their heads when I said it and killed it for me….

Bermuda – I actually expected much better selections of Beer here. Luckily they had their Gosling Rum to make Dark and Stormy’s to make up for it. I also had a great chowder that they put the rum in.

Costa Rica – Who would have thunk it but great beers…like Imperial and Bavaria. Across the board I had good mixed drinks here..primarily of the blended variety. I also invented a couple after almost getting killed in a white-water “incident” on the Pacuare. If I remember correctly…Rum, Midori, pineapple juice and some grenadine made up the Pacuare Rapid…

Dubrovnik – I only drank Beer here with the exception on a island trip I had some bizarre herbal drink. The mixed drinks here were grossly overpriced while the beer was fairly priced. I asked a few travellers I met if they drank their cocktails and  across the board was told…mixing drinks is not their thing…at all (I experience this in Israel years ago). I did bring some very good plum wines home. The highlight here is drinking on the outdoor terraces on the outside of the walls at Buza bar (there are two)

Florinopolis…I primarily drank beer Xingu in bars and Sol on the beach…though I had Caipirinha’s here and there. The highlight here was how they drink on the beach. Like humans not animals…what is wrong with my Anglo-sphere brothers and sisters?!? Here we get tickets for drinking on the beach. In Brazil you get a table, umbrella if need be, a 20oz beer and a cozy to keep it cool! Plus the views on the beach here…best I’ve seen anywhere…

Paris – Ahhhhh The City of Lights…with all it’s great wine…however it wasn’t that kind of trip (not that we didn’t drink any). I was here on business and it was at the Cube Hotel(this place looked like a set from an Austin Powers flick) where a few mates and I heard our company just won a huge deal…so we hit their Ice Bar and celebrated…with 17+ flavored vodka shots…which  I believe is a record that still stands today. It gets so cold in here that they give you ski jackets, hats and gloves to wear.

Prague – I expected dark beers…drank some…but they love Mojito’s and cocktails. The bar Tetters was awesome…so good I purchased their book. The funny thing was I could not find a proper martini…they would load them with vermouth! Which didn’t stop the from throwing 3 down after a friend told me of a “conquest” from his past that required heavy drinking to dull my mind from the visual that he poisoned my mind with. Becherovka is their herbal bitters that happens to be quite tasty…

Rio…What else, Caipirinha’s…but here with fresh fruit…Tangerine and Passion Fruit my favorites…also the Lychee Caiprisakinha was pretty tasty. Yes…of course had some at the beach in Buzios (Rio’s nearby beach resort). The Brazilians do very good beer as well especially in the German inspired form of Chopp (short cold draft beers)…my favorite draft…the Mulatto (dark, lager and amber) at Devassa’s…An ex told me that they have flavored cachaca but I could not find any. Don’t remember where in Brazil she was from..but surprised I couldn’t find any in Rio.

Tanzania – I did not expect much from the beer in Africa nor did I plan on much drinking considering I was sleeping in a tent (not the high end ones that look like a hotel…a tent) but I was so wrong. I guess I didn’t count on the influence that all the Europeans had on the continent. Needless to say great beers. My favorite being Tusker. I liked it so much I joked I wanted a t-shirt. One of our guides actually found one at a market outside one of the reserves. They wanted to trade for my socks! Since I didn’t want to be responsible for wiping out the village via an unintended biological weapons attack…we agreed on $5 American dollars.

By the way…blowing in the bottles sounds like the sounds lions make when communicating with each other (they don’t only/always roar). This was pointed out by the Vet in our group. We tested out her theory when at night the couple from SF had to use the facilities. We gave them a few minutes…ten blew in the bottles…they ran back startled to see us…”the lions…the lions!!!” then we blew in the bottles…and smiled:)

Vietnam – Drank pretty good Beer and had a variety of mixed drinks including some green ones we drank on St Pats with a bunch of mates from “down under” that we met on a scuba/snorkel trip. The highlight though drink wise…was the brewery on the beach in Nha Trang …! A brewery…on the beach…in Vietnam…which made really good beer! I thanked the beer gods and imbibed…

Enjoy the pics that go with the stories….


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