Many moons ago on the way back from a business trip I read an article on some place called “Costa Rica”. It was full of lush forests, mighty rivers, and Volcano’s. It had great surfing and snorkeling right off  rough and rustic beaches, sport fishing, hiking…the list went on and on. However, it was the article on white-water rafting that got me…I had done some before…but I needed to do it here. The river looked like it cut through Jurassic Park! I did go and raft that river…(I’ve been to CR 5X thus far) and even though I had an “incident on that river that might dissuade others from doing it again…I went back a few years later for more…two days this time.

I have many stories from my trips to Costa Rica that over time I will share…but this one. This is the one. I just signed up for Lonely Planets Lab…something for fellow travellers to share info. On the questionnaire at the end it asked to share your most memorable travel story… but you only have 100 words.  I have more then a few…but this is the one I almost did not return to share. This is the one I love telling…especially to see how people react…this is the one that another minute or so… instead of this being one of my favorite stories to tell…it would have been one of the worst for the others in my raft…

I ‘m white-water rafting the Pacuare River when we hit a big drop loaded with boulders…I was thrown out of the raft…hovered up in the air…then vanished and found myself trapped in a hydraulic under the raft! Stay frosty!…keep tucking into ball to drop…not working …finally a current took me…still under 15ft + of water…swimming up toward light…waves keep crashing on top of me…can’t break thru them!!! Running out of air…one final kick!…stroke!…air!!! Sweet air!…I look ahead…no raft?!? look back…my  fellow travellers paddling towards me…

Bonus pic of me jumping off a waterfall we hiked up…I believe this was day 1…before the real fun the next day among the boulders…


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