Location, location, location….Colonna Park sits right up on a hill over two beautiful blue-green watered beaches. You access Joao Fernandes from the pool, it’s one of Buzios most popular and beautiful beaches with plenty to do from snorkeling, paddle-boarding, restaurant hopping and bikini shopping on the beach to simply sitting back in a chair and drinking your coconut water right out of the shell while enjoying the views. For something a bit quieter, Joao Fernandinho is a smaller beach right down the steps to the right. Buzios is all about the beach…that’s why you stay here.

The rooms are nice sized, clean, basic and have a plasma TV. The safe costs an extra few dollars a day and is an old school lock and key box (get one…better safe then sorry…no pun intended) WiFi is available in the lobby and a breakfast buffet is included in the price ($200+ on average per night). Get one with a balcony facing the ocean…the views are spectacular (see pics). Town is only a 5 minute cab ride away (Buzios is crazy hilly and steep…plus not much of a public transport system…) The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Just note…that few speak much English and only speak a bit more Spanish. I with my Brooklynese, High School Spanish and few words of Portuguese got by fine. Stay tuned for beach and restaurant reviews…


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