The next day poured so I bounced around Ipanema people watching and pseudo-shopping (note…while the dollar got you 1.70 reales…clothing was 2-3X more expensive…pack wisely). I hit Garota de Ipanema, the place where the_girl_from_ipanema was written.I went with a hearty Portuguese Verde soup (kale and sausage) and of course a Chopp or so. From here I hit Devassa one of Rio’s premier Chopp restaurants where they make their own beer. I enjoyed a Mulatto…their version of a Black and Tan…it consisted of their Red, Negra, and Pilsner and was great. Of note…most bars in Rio…don’t have bars…just tables…Also…with their great logo…why no t-shirts?

I wanted to hear live Bossa Nova while in Rio and Vinicius had live bands in their upstairs lounge and the Brazilian equivalent of a Bistro downstairs. I went for a Churrasco w/salsa verde and  added some local hot pepper sauce.. hot but bueno. I drank Chopp with the meal then headed upstairs for the music and Caipirinha.. I knew almost all songs just not their titles.The singer on few songs would sing lines then have the crowd carry the tune which was pretty cool. When the set was done I hit a Mexican bar owned by Americas playing Monday Night football…loaded with Brits. I ordered a Michaleda…which they somehow managed to screw-up…thus they get a dishonorable no mention…


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