As luck would have it…the weather for the few days I was in Rio was less then spectacular and I didn’t get to spend as much quality time at the beach as would have liked (more then made up for it in Buzios:) Thus, I did my best to make up for it with some fine dining and some good drinking. I started by grabbing lunch at one of the kiosks on Ipanema beach by Nove 9 and had a chicken croissant and ham & cheese sandwich with a Chopp (what they call a draft beer…cold) of Bavaria. After bouncing around the beach for awhile it was time to chill after a long flight…

For my Sunday night dinner I decided to go big and try to get into Sushi Leblon, Rio’s top Sushi(Carioca’s are crazy for their sushi and Japanese food…did not see much other Asian food during the trip) restaurant and one of it’s best overall. I started with sashimi of Bonito (which was awesome) and Scallops, moved onto White fish w hot peppers, and then finished with a spicy tuna hand-roll. Washed it all down with a Thereopolis beer…which while it sounds Greek to me…Brazilian. From here I decided to try my luck walking around Leblon at night…with the exception of rain w/o incident (though the part of town I wandered over to while still good did have some heavily armed Police) It was here that I had my first Tangerine caipirinha at Academia Cachaca and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t flavored booze but fresh Tangerine’s muddled . It was awesome…and I was exhausted…


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