I have rocks in my head…I don’t know what it is, but aside from my love of the beach is my infatuation with rocks on the beach. I’m not talking pretty little rocks and shells here…I’m talking boulders on the shore, islands off the shore, mountains and hills and outcroppings…oh my! I didn’t grow up on beaches like this…I grew up on flat sandy beaches in Brooklyn and Long Island. Not a whole lot of mountains and islands…yet for some inexplicable reason I am fascinated with rocks at the beach. I guess in the great scheme of things it’s a healthy infatuation (compared to others…that others may have) to have…it leads me to travel more and take pictures. Thus on this note, I will turn you over to the more interesting pictures vs my musings…stay tuned for upcoming like pieces from other trips including Floripa, Nha Trang, Bermuda and Tossa Del Mar…


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