Sweet ride on the waves of LB NY

While Long Beaches waves may not have the sheer volume of Teahupoo,  as good a right-hand point break as Jefferies Bay or be quite as large (or as shark infested) as Mavericks…they were still more than good enough to provide the best in the world Owens, Slater, Burrows, etc…what they needed to work their magic dancing across the waves Quiksilverpro Video Highlights 

They were some naysayers that said that this was all about the money and not about the sport. Well considering how many fans from all walks of life, every age and ethnicity can you think of lined up along the beach to watch the event I think it’ safe to say that Long Beach has the fan base to support this event for the love of the sport.

In regards to the financials, Owen Wright the events winner took home $300K…not bad for a day in the waves. Judging by the crowds I guessing this was great for the town of Long Beach and guessing plenty of spillover into Mnhattan…in other words a total win-win for all. Also special thanks to Zico Coconut water, Glaceau Vitamin Water and Jose Cuevo for the free refreshments keeping everyone hydrated while having fun in the sun.

While I didn’t get pics of the pro’s competing (see the video above) I still managed to get some pretty good surf and event photo’s just using my Sony pocket camera…Enjoy!


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