For those of you looking into taking a vacation from work or a vacation from looking for work…or are funemployed/trust funded/rich…etc… may I suggest Croatia’s Dalmatian coast…I was there for a week in Dubrovnik the whole time but did hit some of the islands for day trips. I’ve traveled all over but have yet to see a city like Dubrovnik. It was originally built by the Ragusa’s during the 11th century…that’s right the rocking 1200’s…and still stands today. It’s a totally walled in city built of stone that had running water and even the world’s first pharmacy…which is still open today. Aside from it’s main thoroughfare the stratum it’s all narrow side streets that go up steep stairs…for the record almost everything you will go to is either on the main level or up one flight. The exception is if you want to hit the Buza Bars for a drink or a dip…

The water at the beaches…which are shingle (rock…even once you get into the water) and even after a week they were killing my feet (aqua socks are the way to go…but I’m just not sure if I’m an aqua socks kinda guy…so I endured the pain) is extremely clean and gorgeous shades of various blues. My hotel’s was the best and it was in a grotto…my first grotto…and while there were no waves…the water & scenery were so beautiful I was fine. Banje beach right outside Polce gate was also very good & had a great view of Lopud Island and the City’s walls.

One thing I found odd was that while they had great beaches and bars… the concept of happy hour seems to have eluded them. Also nightlife is not exactly wild…more of a cafe culture vs. a party culture…even at night people sat around or were hanging around up steep stairs outside of the bars (most were tiny…remember built in the 11th century before I guess the beer hall made it’s way down from Vikings)

The food was good…I think they may have more pizza places per square block then we do it NYC and it was good especially if you like shrimp still in their shells on your pie… Fish oddly enough was very expensive ( I heard they may have somewhat over-fished the Adriatic) so only had it a few times…great cured hams and meats. Their beer was pretty good and they have a developing wine industry which is starting to produce some pretty good stuff. Mixed drinks for some reason averaged $12-15 buck…3X that of beer or wine so I didn’t bother & heard they were lousy. Gelato on the other-hand was great and  came in many flavors. I introduced a couple of shops to the affagato (had to get the espresso at the only take out coffee shop in town…again a cafe culture). So if you get one…you can thank me for introducing it.

Overall…very good trip…unique and very cool city…gorgeous water, plenty of islands and grotto’s etc…Check it out before they overbuild it & the Russians take it over…(The French and Italians are going out of their way to kick them out of their Rivera’s because they are the worlds most obnoxious tourists)…

I finally figured out how to add pics (the icon that looks like a pic…4 years of college…4 years of college) so enjoy…for the record…even with my rooftop pool…I’m going through some serious grotto withdrawal…


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