The @AllegriaHotel on the #beach in Long Beach NY

I needed sand between my toes and saltwater in my hair after months of bad no Spring weather and the world going sideways due to Covid19. To make matters worse…Long Beach currently is only selling beach passes to Town of Long Beach residents…and no…one…else!!! Khhhhaaaaannnnn!!!

However, if one were to stay at the Allegria located right on the beach…then though all the amenities are closed…they do give you a beach pass (do not lose it…$250 if you do) and beach chairs and towels.

The rooms are very nice, sleek and minimalist with super comfy beds, rain-shower heads, big flat screens, serious air conditioning and the partial ocean view rooms have great views.

There are plenty of spots to eat just a few blocks up on West Broadway. Everything from awesome Gino’s Pizza to Pollo Pollo Peruvian, Brand’s Deli for sandwiches, Sherry Blossom for Poke and a brand new awesome brewery, Brighteye. A short ride away is Pops in Island Park or the main “state” streets in Long Beach are loaded with restaurants and bars…Swingbelly for BBQ a fave.

The hotel is an easy walk right off the LIRR or parking is available. The front desk staff is great and very accommodating. The Allegria is an oasis in a sea of uncertainty.

The Allegria Hotel is located right on the beach at 80 West Broadway

Mykonos’s Platis Gialos and Chora/Little Venice 

My last stop on my Greek adventure was Mykonos to check it out as well as neighboring Delos, the mythological birthplace of Apollo and the eye of the Cyclades.  Jumping on the World Champion Fast Jet ferry it was a pretty quick ride from Naxos. 

Upon landing it was a bit chaotic at the port, but finally found my ride to my hotel the Petinos Hotel. Once again my Travel Agent at Fantasy Travel came though big.  Beautiful Platis Gialos beach was steps away right down the block lined with restaurants and bars, across the street, the sister hotel Pentinos Beach had a pool. 

Of note, I didn’t go clubbing and spent most of my days at Platis Gialos and with one exception all my meals. So if you’re looking to just chill or and maybe hit the main town and clubs or not its a great place to stay on Mykonos. 

One thing I noticed quick was how crazy the winds are here (in a novel or movie this would turn out to be foreshadowing). After dropping my stuff off in the room I headed to the beach and the restaurant Yialo Yialo that Xristine my concierge highly recommended…who of note was awesome. I started with some bread with olive oil and olive paste paste and a beautiful artfully prepared piece of fish with veggies and potatoes with an on tap Alfa Beer. Then hit the beach to enjoy the incredibly clear water and take in the sights so to speak. 

For dinner I went to the hotels restaurant the Blue Myth. It has gorgeous views of the beach, solid service, and good food. I started with a Mýkonos salad that was for a change lots of greens, feta and their version of prosciutto which was very good. My entree the Seafood kabob, (salmon, swordfish 2 each, 1 small scallop and one medium shrimp with some rice was one of the few dishes I had that was just ok. 

The next morning, I woke to a sky turned grey and so windy that my trip to Delos was cancelled. I hit Blue Myth (included in the cost of the room) for their buffet breakfast which was pretty good with a large selection and I felt  better than their dinner. With Delos put off for another day and not a beach day (the one and only of trip) I jumped on the bus (stop was right outside hotel) to hit Chora, the Port and the mazes of Little Venice. 

The Port area I liked a lot especially with the water crashing against the buildings and rocks. I hit some some museums, the Windmills for pics, then walked around lost replying on Google Maps in the damn maze of a town built to disorientate Pirates! 

If you love walking around lost in a maze full of stores…its sooooo great. I didn’t care for it (cannot imagine navigating it buzzed at night) but made the most of it with people watching, hitting some cool galleries and stuffing my face. I had a fast casual lunch at Souvlaki Story…superior pork and chicken with the works in nice lite thin wrap. An Alfa Beer to drink. 

Just before jumping on the bus back I popped into Break Bakery recommend by Xristine and picked up a coconut and a pistachio mini baklava to go with an Americano. The bus driver kindly took my coffee and put it in his cup holder for me. As we returned to my hotel he literally almost drove the bus through it…yet managed not to spill a drop of my beverage that he handed back to me.  

The winds finally calmed down so I got in some late beach time before the sun went down. For dinner I went to Avli Tou Thodori which I highly recommend. I started with a superior Gin and Tonic made with Grace Gin and Anchovies in olive oil. Their Lamb Chops were some of the best I’ve ever had. Desert was delicious and gratis. 

The next morning the Greek God damed winds were still kicking so Delos my key reason for going to Mykonos was not to be. So after my Greek yoghurt with cherries, figs, honey, and sesame sauce I had to suffer out another day at the gorgeous Platis Gialos beach. Yialo Yialo again for lunch as my last day zipped by into the sunset. My last night I was kinda shot and kept it simple grabbing some slices of Pizza at Blue Myth’s “Pizza Window” which was very good. 

The next morning up early I was picked up and taken to the airport for my flight from Mykonos to Athens. Waiting I enjoyed some pretty good Spinach Pie. Then a few plus quality hours in Athens airport which included some food shopping to bring back and more Spinach Pie, Cured Salmon sandwich, and coffee. Organized chaos waiting to board, then back to reality… 

Agios Prokopios Naxos and the Gates of Apollo… 

On Sunday before the crack of dawn I was picked up and literally walked right onto the World Champion Jet Ferry at the Port of Piraeus by my Fantasy Travel contacts to depart to Naxos. 3+ hours later I landed on Naxos and found my name on a placard being held by my transfer agent. While waiting for the van and looking at the town of Naxos my eyes caught sight of Apollo’s Gate…it was literally right there up on a promontory overlooking the wine dark (actually beautiful blue) sea. It blew my mind. 

Arriving at the Lagos Mare Hotel in Agios Prokopios Beach a little early I chilled by their beautiful pool while awaiting my room. Once settled in, I headed over to Giannloupis Taverna, recommended as the best spot by the beach for lunch, which it more than lived up to. Once seated a plate of beans and fava spread with bread gratis arrived. I ordered up the whole Sea Bream with salad and a glass of Rose. For desert a Greek pastry and glass of Restina arrived gratis as well. A  couple of minutes walk further down the road led to Agios Prokopios beach one of Greeces most beautiful. The water and views were  awesome, I went every day of my stay…

The beach area of Agios Prokopios has plenty of restaurants to choose from and with the exception of one night in Chora, Naxos Town had all my meals here. I just wish the bars here had a happy hour scene which at least mid September it didn’t. 

That night for dinner I went to Spiros Tavern and started with Fish Roe with bread and a piece of Pastichio the size of a huge brick. Crushed it and it thanked me by rewarding me with my first night of sleep in days. The large Mythos Beer may have helped as well. 

On Monday started my day with another great buffet breakfast, here right by the pools edge. The Yougurt with cherries, fig jam, citrus jam, local honey and sesame sauce …best ever, made it every morning. For more protein, some eggs and assorted savory and sweet treats. Full but not stuffed, hit the pool for a bit before heading to Agios Prokopios beach. 

After some fun in the sun I went to Lefto’s Souvlaki Kebab House for lunch. I started with a large glass of Alfa Weiss Beer along with a Tabouleh Salad. Since the gyros were 3 euros I figured they were taco sized and got two pork ones. Turned out they were pretty damn big…so I ate one and took the other for a sans pita early evening snack. 

That evening I walked across the street from my hotel and caught the bus to Naxos Port to see the Gate of Apollo and walk around the Port and Chora/Naxos town. The Gate of Apollo was one of the highlights of my trip. It was incredible, this giant doorway on top of a hill right off the port. At sunset with the moon in the sky its surreal. I kept expecting an ancient God to walk the the portal. Instead, a ton of fellow worshipers of Apollo taking selfies. As did I along with getting some fellow worshippers to snap some pics of me by one of my namesakes (Apollo is a nickname of mine from college). 

After a good hour up by the gate I descended into the town. After wandering around its somewhat maze-like streets I hit by the water Mezze 2 for dinner. Of note, this is no tourist trap like some of the others here and loved the food. I started with a large Cucumber and Tomato salad which was very good, but didn’t really need since the excellent Sea Bream came with a potato salad w/tomatoes and a rocket and grape tomatoes salad. For desert on the house yogurt with spoon fruit and a glass of Restina. While waiting for the bus I picked up some delicious chocolate covered orange candy at the Aktaion Pastry Boutique

Tuesday after breakfast and some pool time it was off to the beach and back to Giannlous for a Greek Salad with excellent Feta and Greek style Meatballs with a side of very good potato fries w/lemon…that I added some of the Feta to. Restina to finish the meal. After a full day in the water and sun I was kinda beat and not that hungry so grabbed a gyro to go for dinner. 

On Wednesday due to my Scylla moment of the trip, thus unfortunately had to cancel my full day tour of the island…so hit the beach. For lunch a Pork Gyro at Kavourakia Grill, very good but not nearly as big as Lefto’s and yet same price. Craving something sweet I went to Kavourakia Caffee( where I rented my beach chairs) for an outrageous piece of Greek Orange cake with a very good double greek coffee on their outdoors patio right across from the beach 

For dinner for I went Italian for a change at the Coliseum. I started with a Greek Salad (“when in Naxos”) … maybe the best tomatoes I’ve had yet on the trip. Their Shrimp Risotto was excellent with four large crustaceans.

Live Greek music had two little kids entertaining their parents and the rest of the place dancing to the music, which turned into early American rock as the night went on. At 11pm it was still kinda quiet by the beach bars so called it a night since I was departing to Mykonos and Delos the next day… 

2 Days in Athens Greece/Where to Eat and Stay 

Have you been dreaming about going on your own Greek Odyssey? I finally completed my first, but surely not last trip to Greece. I started my adventure landing in Athens and staying at the Electra Metropolis Hotel which is centrally located, topped with a pool, a restaurant, a bar and insane views of the Acropolis in the Plaka hood right by Syntagma Square. In this piece I’ll cover where I ate and provide some pics of the Parthenon along with Hadrians Gate and the Temple of Jupiter built by the invading Romans.

After dropping off my luggage I walked  around the Plaka neighborhood and randomly choose Ta Giouvetsakia for lunch. I started with a classic Greek Salad and had the Veal with Eggplants in a clay pot for my main. The salad was just ok, due to so-so Feta. The Traditional Lamb and Eggplant was very good. Of note, location wise its a great spot for people watching. 

After bouncing around the Plaka totally jet-lagged I head toward Syntagma Square and walked along and within the beautiful National Garden Park to Hadrian’s Arch and took pics of it and the Temple of Jupiter, built by the Roman’s, the largest structure in the world at its time. I headed back to my hotel and stopped in at the Ergon House Market for a very good Volkan White Beer from Santorini. Then headed up to my hotels sweet Rooftop Pool. 

For dinner that night I went diagonally across the street to Barbadimos. They start you with an on the House Tomato salad and I ordered the Spicy Feta. For my entree their Kebab with youhurt and hot sauce…probably could have done w/o the sauce but it was awesome, just soooo filling. To drink a glass of a dry Greek Rose wine. Though stuffed I went to right nearby Le Greche Gelato for scoops of amazing Mascarpone Fig and Ricotta Bergamot Aperol. 

I started Saturday morning with the hotels rooftop restaurant off the charts buffet. I wish I made a later ferry on Sunday just to eat here again. Plus the views of the Parthenon atop the Acropolis were spellbinding. Fueled up I got picked up for my tour of the Acropolis and namesake Museum with CHAT Tours. Our tour guide Joy was a wealth of knowledge and I def recommend their tours. The Parthenon and surrounding structures are utterly amazing and a must see. The museum was interesting but just Ok.

The tour wrapped up around 2pm, hungry I headed back to Ergon House Market for lunch. Enjoyed some very good Hot peppers stuffed with cheese to start and the whole Sea Bream with greens and cherry tomatoes for my main. Drank a tasty Sour Cherry Juice with it. Love the space, the market, the food and the crowd. Service was less than spectacular, though it may have been this one particular waiter. Regardless I highly recommend a meal here and possibly some food shopping. 

I then wandered around the Plaka some more and upon recommendation from the hotel staff got some insane mini baklava, one with pistachios, one with cream with an Americano at Xolzn Bakery. Then back up to the Electra Metropolis Rooftop pool where I hung out with some rather entertaining Israeli’s. As the sun started to set it was clearly Negroni time.

I had mine with a splash of Bergamot bitters and a dried orange wheel. The mixologists here are first class. While enjoying the sunset views of The Acropolis I flirted with the restaurants Hostess Eleni who looks like  the Love Child of a Barbie Doll and a Disney Princess that led to an immaculate conception. 

For dinner I went to Aohnaikon, a beautiful space with some great artwork. I started with the lightly fried feta cheese with honey, sesame, filo sheets and balsamic vinegar which I text to my buds wife since she had raved about it from her recent trip to Greece. For my entree the Grilled Gilt Headed Bream with veggies and a glass of White Wine.

Went back to Le Greche for Pistachio and Amarena (Cherry) gelato this time. Some of best ever I’ve ever had.

On Sunday, up at 5:30 to catch the World Champion Jet fast ferry from Piraeus Port to Naxos. A few things to point out food wise, the food here is awesome and comes in surprisingly large portions compared to most of Europe. The wine and beer are really good as well. Service in Greece varies, but not their strong point. Though they are generally very friendly and accommodating. 

Of note, I usually book everything myself, however for this trip I did go through a locally based Travel Agency Fantasy Travel and my agent Makis really came through for me. I was very happy with all three hotels I stayed in and along with the Ferries and Flight (within Greece) that he set up for me, transfers were arranged every step of the way. They even literally walked me onto the Ferry to Naxos. So shameless plug, if your looking for in the know pro’s to help with the planning, coordination and bookings for a seamless adventure in Greece check them out.  Upcoming pieces will cover the rest of my Cycladian Odyssey in Naxos and Mykonos. 

Ocean Beach Bites, Beach and Brews…Repeat

From PB I Ubered over to Ocean Beach and got dropped off at Azucar a great little Cuban Coffee shop for a Coconut cookie and a Cortado.

Before hitting the beach I popped into the South Beach Bar and Grill for a local Craft Beer and 2 rather large Thursday Taco Fish Tacos. Then hit the water and baked on the sand. 

When I had enough fun in the sun I Headed to my first stop on my first Pub Crawl in Ocean Beach, the OB Brewery where my curvy tattooed and pink haired bartendess proudly pointed out they brew on site. Their Dunkelweizen was fantastic. 

Next up I hit Kilowatt for a flight of their beers. Loved their Cucumber Gose so much I took a Crowler of it to go. The bartender shared the history of most of the Art in the bar, the works of Clint Cary…quite a local character…google him.

At my next stops Helms I had a flight of three of their brews while discussing how bad the water is in Cali, thus why their Pizza, Bagels and Heroes are generally lacking (being PC right outside of PB in the OB).

After pints and flights at three Breweries it was time to eat and I was luckily able to get a seat at packed on a Thursday night The Joint. I started with their spicy wakame salad and then from their hand-roll menu a Spicy Scallop, Salmon and Bacon roll(amazing!) and their namesake the Joint…with as if I needed it a local Gose beer. 

On Saturday after an Acai bowl at Rum Jungle and a couple of hours at PB beach I decided to head back to Ocean Beach. I revved up at OB culture coffee for a perfect Cortado and then headed to Pizza Port for lunch where I enjoyed their loaded with shrimp and clams Seafood pizza with their brewed on site Hefeweizen. Fully sated I walked up the block for some sand and surf. 

After 6pm it was time to hit some more Brewery’s starting with a flight at Culture Brewing.Then across the street to Belching Beaver for flight of their brews, the Blonde PBJ being the stand out…and yes you can taste peanut butter. 

Hungry I decided to stick with The Joint since I enjoyed it so much and was able to snag a seat at the bar again. Ordered up some of their yummy eclectic Sushi rolls.  Stuffed and buzzed, I Ubered back to PB. 

Mission Beach, San Diego, Ca…Best of

Just next store to PB (Pacific Beach) right along the strand is Mission Beach, a bit more laid back and chill town. I got my motor going at Swell Coffee with a cup of joe and their yummy and filling Surfer Burrito that is loaded with Egg(whites only) Bacon, Tator Tots, Guac and Salsa.

Bouncing around town I came upon Art Alley which is a bunch of funky homes, murals and sculptures definitely worth checking out.

I hit Wave n Air Surf Shop where I finally found and picked up a solid Beach-chair to get me through the week. Of note, beach chair rentals are not common in San Diego, so your best bet is to just buy one and give it away when you fly out.

After spending some quality time in the sand, sun and sea I I hit Miss B’s Coconut Caribbean for lunch. To drink I had to try their The Oxanan Dead, a great tequila and mezcal based twist on a Tiki cocktail. To eat I was temped by the Cubano Sandwich but went healthy and green with their Steak Salad with Chimichurri dressing. Of note, tasty and huge. I think they cut a forest down for mine. Chatted with some local girls over my artwork in my sketchbook and the artwork that decorated their bodies. Tattoos are pretty popular here and they go practically Yakuza here.

Since it was still only the very late afternoon decided my next beverage should be coffee vs booze and popped into Buzzed a mini chain out here for an Iced Americano. Chilled for a bit then strolled back to my home base in PB the Blue Sea Beach Hotel for some pool time before dinner.

Pacific Beach (PB), San Diego -Best Food and Drinks Spots

After a long weekend in La Jolla It was time to hit PB and the surrounding beaches(of note I alternated btwn PB, Mission and OB…upcoming pieces on them coming soon). I arrived on Tuesday at the Blue Sea Beach Hotel for the rest of my stay. Located right on the Strand just feet from the beach, with a pool, large rooms with ultra comfy beds and a balcony it was a great spot to base out of.

After some beach and pool it was time for Taco Tuesday. I hit FatFish and enjoyed their scallop taco (regular price) and two chicken tacos that were only $1.25 each and amazing. To drink I started with their Gran Margarita with tequila and then had then make the next one with Mezcal. Discussed the local food scene with the cutie sitting next to me while her “not my boyfriend” starting acting slightly possessive.

For dinner on Wednesday I strolled up the strand to the Water Bar a more upscale spot for the post 30 crowd. Downed a couple of house cocktails while devouring the yellowtail tangerine marinated ceviche with grilled pineapple and a Shrimp Po Boy with vinegar fries for my main.

For breakfast on Thursday I went to nearby Rum Jungle for a delicious and nutritious Acai bowl. So good I went three days in a row for Acai and Pitaya bowls.

I hit Crushed on Garnet for Chiliquiles and Cold-brew Coffee and than hit the waves. After some beach time I hit the PB Ale House for a brew and burger. The burger was great, juicy and tasty. Their beer was Ok.

For dinner that night I went to Itzakaya for a decent salmon roll and pretty good spicy miso ramen. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Craving some Ice Cream I went to Afters for peanut butter s’mores and frozen hot chocolate ice cream in a cup. Yum:)

After another Acai bowl at Rum Jungle I hit PB for my last day. For brunch I hit World Famous for a Moscow Mule, lobster bisque, seared yellowfin tuna and then some more sun before I Ubered to the airport.

With plenty of time before my flight I hit the Stone Street Brewery’s Airport location food a flight of beers(7oz each!) and a Chicken sammie that was awesome. Then jumped on my Jet Blue redeye back to Nuevo York…

La Jolla Cove: Food, Drink, and Sea Lions

After dropping off my gear at the La Valencia Hotel (my home for the next three days) I headed across the street to check out the Village of La Jolla. My first stop was a bite and a brew at world famous Cody’s for Brunch. For my Vitamin C I had an Orange Ave Wit (Coronado Brewery) Beer and to eat their Farmers Veggie and Goat cheese Omelette (egg white only) with a side of amazing grits.

Then I hit Bobolli for their amazing gelatos and sorbets.They make exceptional Affogato’s. I still had time to kill before my room was ready so I hit La Valencia’s beautiful pool. The most thick and comfortable lounge chairs ever. Then checked into my small, yet very well done and comfy room. The hotels nickname is the Pink Lady and she is a beauty…inside and out.

For dinner I hit Puesta For Guac, Tacos y a Tamarind Mezcal cocktail along with a green Michelada. Highly recommend hitting this spot while in town.

Craving coffee the next morning I went to Brick n Bell for a cup and an Avocado Toast which was tasty. The beautiful in La Jolla Cove most love their coffee since I saw more beautiful women here than anywhere in La Jolla.

I then Ubered to La Jolla Shores to hit the beach. First though, lunch at Mori Sushi for hand rolls and a brew from Ballast. Rented a beach chair at the general store right by the beach with the mailbox in front on Aviendaes Playa and hit the sand and surf to see Leopard Sharks (only saw minnows…)!

After enough saltwater and sun I popped into the PB Shore Club a chill, open airy and Dog friendly spot for Tasty Tacos and local brews. Back in La Jolla Cove I went to Georges second floor for some excellent cocktails prepared by true mixologists while chatting up some girls who were enjoying petite pink drinks by the bar.

Next morning I went to the Parakeet Cafe for a Nitro Coconut Coffee to rev my engine, browsed some books and art supplies in Warwick’s and then went to the Crab Catcher for lunch. I started with a Crabby Mary and devoured their Crab Salad BLT with large side salad. The outside deck has beautiful views of the water. Right down their stairs and across the street I went for a rather scenic stroll along the La Jolla Cove Walk Trail…which of note is loaded with Sea Lions. Hit Bobolli again, this time for water based fruit flavored sorbet.

On Monday it got pretty hot so after some pool time I decided to do my first of many Happy Hour Pub crawls. My first stop was the Karl Strauss Brewing Company for a flight of their very good craft beers and their Shishito pepper, watermelon and feta appi (when in Cali…).Then onto Catania for some superb Italian spirt based Cocktails.

I took a break to check out a number of Art Galleries along Prospect Street then stopped in Oil and Wine for a look and saw they had an outdoor patio where I enjoyed a flight of Rose’s while surrounded by local girls sharing their trials snd tribulations of relationships and dating. My last stop was at Herringbones that has an all evening happy hour on Mondays. I ordered up a local brew, some oysters and their fennel sausage and mushroom flatbread.

My last meal in La Jolla Cove on Tuesday morning was at Whisksladel a great Cali style Gastro-Pub for awesome Chilaquiles and Coffee. Next up was onto Pacific Beach for the next 5 nights/6 days. For more pics of the spots I’ve mentioned view/follow me on instagram @shroberts and for more details on locations Steve @ TripbySkyscanner

Pappas Bros. Dallas, Love Shack and Sonny Bryans BBQ @ DFW Airport

Do you wonder…”where’s the beef?” It’s in Dallas and here are 3 spots whether you looking for a high meal or something for the flight back.

Pappas Bros. is quite simply one of the best steakhouses in the country. Everything from the cocktails to the starters, the steaks, sides and desert absolutely top notch. While waiting for the table we started with cocktails. Enjoy Bourbon? Try their Well Bent comprised of 2 bourbons, sherry and Campari…outstanding.

To start we ordered up Bacon wrapped Scallops,Crabcakes ,Shrimp Cocktail, Deviled Eggs with Lobster and their House salad topped with Bacon. For my main I choose the Pappas dry aged strip steak (this is what they are known for) rare and bleeding that came out bloody delicious. How a vampire would eat it.

For sides we went big with onion rings the size of bagels, creamed spinach, au gratin potatoes, and blue crab mac n cheese. All great the latter two the standouts.

For desert we shared Pecan Pie and an insane Milk Chocolate Marshmallow mouse cake. Irish Coffee with Amaro for my final beverage of the evening.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is located at 10477 Lombardy Lane

For lunch at DFW airport on my way home I popped into the Love Shack. Their bacon cheese burger was great, fries very good, though their Chocolate Shake was more a frothy Chocolate milk. So skip the shake and get a local craft brew from the Deep Ellum Brewery. I enjoyed a Dallas Blonde and wish I could have brought back a six.

For dinner on the plane I stopped at Sonny Byran’s DFW location and ordered their Sliced Brisket sandwich. I was pleasantly surprise by how delish this brisket at an airport was. God Bless Texas.

Tampa: Harbor Island Sushi, Seafood, Burgers and Ybor Craft Brews

Ever been down to Tampa for biz or pleasure? I recently had a business trip down by Harbor Island where I stayed at the Tampa Marriot Waterside which made a great place to base out of.

Upon arriving at TPA I needed the lunch I forgot to bring on my JetBlue flight. Burger 21 right in the terminal has tasty Burger’s….I couldn’t believe it when they asked how I wanted it cooked. This was no fast food burger…the Haystack with Bacon, cheese and guac was great.

Once checked in at the Marriott I took care of e-mail and follow-up phone calls then hit the pool for laps.

Dinner time…I decided to keep it local and went across the bridge to recently opened American Social on Harbor Island for dinner. They have a great selection of craft brews, I started with the Proof Brewing Mango Wit. Ordered up Shrimp and Grits with a side of Broccolini to keep it green and healthy and a Last Stop Limited Edition IPA. Of note, this spot is better for drinks and mingling than food.

Every morning I got breakfast at Fast Jack’s (Jackson’s To Go spot). The Ham n Egg sandwiches are big enough for two, their special green shake is nutritious and delicious and their coffee was great and strong.

I had a number of my meals at Jacksons Bistro a nice spot right on the water with indoor and outdoor seating. My first day after internal meetings and external client calls I needed lunch. Lobster bisque with blue crab fritters to start and a Yellowtail roll and the Sexy Ben Roll (Tuna, Eel, avocado and Tobiko) hit the spot and then back for more meetings.

After a looong day…time for Happy Hour at Jackson’s outdoor bar with my crew. Needing a change of atmosphere we headed over to nearby Ybor City’s Tampa Bay Brewery for dinner and brews. Hibiscus Wheat to start, then a Kumquat IPA to go with my Goulda cheese, Bacon and Chipolte BBQ sauce Burger with a side of Mac n Cheese. Yum…

Next day we celebrated a work anniversary at…correct, Jackson’s Bistro. NE Clam chowder to start followed by a Grouper tempura roll, a Spider Crab roll and Scallop nigiri.

For dinner my original plan was for somewhere new…but after another long day and a swim found myself with a Burger topped with Pastrami with a side order of Seafood at Jackson’s indoor bar. Then hit for a bit American Social for craft brews and to check out the scene…which is rather good looking.

My last day I got a Cuban for breakfast at Fast Jacks by the water on the Riverwalk and their Chicken Mojo for lunch for the plane. Both good sized, fresh and tasty.

Location wise the Tampa Marriot Waterside right across the bridge from Harbor Island was great. Rooms are nice with big comfy beds, free WiFi for Marriott Members, and large screen TV’s. However the star is the beautiful saltwater pool and deck. The water deep enough to do my almost daily laps…to burn off all the tasty burgers, sushi and craft beers:)